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One Piece Episode 975 Release & Discussion

Episode 974 was one of the most emotional episode lately. Who knew, the guy who everyone was laughing at was in real saving lives?

Episode 973 started Oden’s trial, and we have reached the end of it. There’s nothing else to say after this trauma. But, Orochi has gained enough hatred and the day he gets slashed by the Red Scabbards, all of us will cheer.

Episode Recap

Episode 974 is a continuation of the previous episode. And, the name of this episode is enough to explain the whole situation and the conclusion. “Oden wouldn’t be Oden if it wasn’t boiled!

While Oden is being boiled to death, Orochi is getting frustrated by the fact that why is Oden still alive? On the other hand, Kaido is rather enjoying the show and just waiting for the 1 hour quota to complete.

While the Red Scabbards are getting agitated, Shinobu’s revelation about Oden have caused an uproar among the citizens. You can feel the deep guilty in them while apologizing.

And, now that they have also learned Orochi’s true motive, the citizens are not ready to accept him as their Shogun. But, what’s done is done. There is no looking back.

Oden vs Kaido One Piece
Oden vs Kaido

This confrontation quickly took a toll on Orochi’s patience and he ordered to shoot arrows on some citizen. Though, after some time the citizens were also silenced through bulltets.

As the final minutes of the 1 hour torture grew close, men, women, children, everyone stood there with baited breath. Oden knew that even if he completed 1 hour, he wasn’t going to get spared, and he ordered the Red Scabbards to live-on and carry on the dreams.

In the final minutes he remembered the times he spent with Whitebeard and Roger. This also gave him the need boost of enthusiasm.

Finally the hellish hour is complete and it’s a celebration for the people. The Red Scabbards are also delighted that their leader will live. But, what can you expect from a vermin… I mean Orochi?

According to him, he changed the method of execution to death-by-shooting just one minute before the 1 hour torture ended. By now Oden knew very well that he was going to die, and didn’t want the Red Scabbards to die too.

It’s this moment I was talking about. This simple frame broke most of us into tears. Before getting shot in the head, Oden remembered The Red Scabbards, Momonosuke, Toki, Hiyori, and just accepted the fate he was served with.

One Piece Oden Death
Oden: I’m Off!

After getting shot, the Great Man went down with his signature slogun.

Oden wouldn’t be Oden if it wasn’t boiled!
Though, this time it were the people who completed the slogun.

Thus, ended the short but great era of Kozuki Oden.

Release Date

The latest episodes of One Piece releases every Saturdays. Episode 975 will release on May 22, at 5:30 PM. Name of episode 975 is “The Castle on Fire! The Fate of the Kozuki Clan!
After killing Oden, Kaido’s and Orochi’s soldiers have penetrated into the castle where Toki and her children are.

In this episode, we will see Toki using her ability to send Momonosuke and Kin’emon into the future.

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