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Black Clover To Get A Movie

Black Clover will air its final episode on Tuesday next week. With 170 episodes, Black Clover will join the list of anime having more than 100 or even 150 episodes. In the previous month, when it was announced that Black Clover will end, the news ended with an another exciting update regarding a “surprise.”

After the worldwide acclaim of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train movie, Black Clover community was already suspecting that the announcement will either be a Movie covering the Spade Kingdom arc, or something else that they don’t have any idea about.

And, as expected from the Community, we are getting a movie. A reliable Twitter handle “Shonen Jump News” has revealed that the news that we were expecting to get is actually a Black Clover Movie.

Though, nothing was revealed aside this, we are now sure that the Spade Kingdom arc will be covered in the upcoming movie. Maybe the official update will reveal some more information about the movie.

The reaction from fans is mixed as some are fearing that we may not get any Second Season before 2022 or worse even 2023. But, some are of course happy. What are the goods and bads of getting a Movie?

The Goods are: Great animation. Since a movie is more profitable than a long running anime and also contains less material than anime episodes, the animation department can go all-out.

The Bads? Some extra scenes may get chopped and the movie may not be as detailed in terms of storyline. Also, a movie is not available worldwide from the first day and it may take months if not years to reach every corner of the world.

As I said before, after the immensely successful response of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, more and more Anime are trying to jump on this trend and reap-in as such benefits as possible.

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