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Black Clover Chapter 287 Spoilers, Raw Scans

We have already reached the midst of the War and the Knights of both the Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom are wrecking havoc at the Spade Kingdom. Asta is heading towards Spade Kingdom and lately Nacht is the center of chapters. In Chapter 286, we finally learned about Nacht’s past and also got a rough idea about why he hates Yami. Jack is on his feet and will now face Dante in his full-form. It’s surprising how powerful the Knights have grown within such a short time. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 287 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Nacht’s Past

When Nacht made his first appearance between the Captains of Clover KIngdom, Jack remembered that this guy(Nacht) had a different magic. And as soon as Jack started talking about that, Nacht turned him down by saying that “That person is not alive anymore.”

And now, after so many chapters, we have come to know what actually happened many years ago. The reason why Nacht hates Yami is probably because of his infamous dialogue: “Surpass you Limits.”


As expected from the speculations, Asta is here to save Nacht.

  • Chapter title is: “Day of Atonement.
  • Chapter begins with more of Nacht’s backstory.
  • Nacht is seen kneeling over Morgen’s grave and Yami is standing behind him.
  • After learning about Morgen, Yami tells Nacht that one day he will have a squad, and Nacht will be his Vice-Captain so that they can laugh again.
  • The Twin devils attack Nacht using Fire and Ice Magic.
  • Nacht says: “There is no human that can win against the highest-ranking devils. Only anti-magic can.
  • As they are about to finish him, Asta appears in his devil union form and chops off one of the twin’s arm.
  • Chapter ends here.

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