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Does Deku Leave UA? Will There Be A Time-Skip In My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia Chapter 306 has thrown all of us reader off our couch. yes, this chapter can literally become the turning point of the manga itself. When the War between Heroes and Villains started, the Heroes were advancing quite well until Gigantomachia started wrecking havoc. You can say that Gigantomachia single-handedly wiped off 80% of Heroes and city. Yes, no doubt Shigaraki also did damage, but the ratio of heroes involved in stopping Gigantomachia far outnumbered what Shigaraki was facing.

This War also let to the escape of not only All For One, but also other vicious criminals. By the end of the War, it wasn’t clear who won? The Heroes Won, but the price was too high. We also lost Midnight. And the latest development has pushed all of us readers to think again that something Really BIG is going to happen.

Deku has left UA and also announced his classmates that he has inherited All Might’s powers. On top of it, he also had meeting with all the previous members of One For All. Well, whatever it is, I smell a major development from here on.

The Emotional Side Of Deku

If there is competition for “The Most Emotionally Driven Character in My Hero Academia,” then hands down, Deku would be the winner. Ever before becoming a Hero, Deku was extremely emotional and for him helping his friends and citizen were something her could never miss. Being emotional is okay, but, driving decisions based on emotions is always disastrous.

And, indirectly, today the question “Will Deku leave U.A?” has some connection with Deku’s emotional intelligence. But, it is this special trait that makes him special from other Heroes.

My Hero Academia Deku helps Bakugo
Kid Deku Helps Bakugo

Not all Heroes are emotional, Heck, it’s really hard to find a Hero like that. Many a times, while fighting we have seen that even while fighting the bitter-most Villain, Midoriya has shown sympathy and decide whether the Villain is really bad from heart.

One simple example is: Gentle Criminal, and even while fighting Shigaraki, he understood that Shigaraki was extremely sad deep inside and wanted help. And, the latest Chapter has shown that Deku is also capable of taking harsh decisions without looking back.

This says that our boy is growing up.

Will Deku Leave UA? Why Is He Leaving?

According to the latest updates, Deku is, in fact, leaving UA. In the past few chapters, we have been seeing the serious conversation between the previous holders of One For All and Deku. And, Chapter 305 wrapped the whole thing with a Heart-Broken Nana Shimura and two previous holders of OFA not yet accepting Deku dependable.

After that, it became more evident that now our boy will be back from coma.

My Hero Academi Deku Head Bang
Excited Kid Deku

But, nobody was expecting from him to take such decision. After writing a heart-felt note to his fellow classmates, Midoriya has packed his bag and decided to press-on. That’s the only thing we know as of now.

The answer to “Why Is He Leaving UA?” is simple yet complex. The very reason what I think is that he is consciously blaming himself for all the destruction that has happened. He must have surely known that Midnight is no more, and the resignation of countless Heroes. Somewhere in his heart, he is thinking that he is still weak and not qualified enough to bear One For All.

These are some of the things I guess is the reason behind Deku’s sudden departure from UA.

Will Deku Go Overseas?

A major speculation is already raging in the MHA Community about this. And, that’s feasible. The speculation says that Deku will leave Japan and go USA to train under other Heroes and gain more experience. Though this is not confirmed, yet, there is chance.

The way Midoriya has left UA Academy, it symbolizes that he is going somewhere far away. and far away may also mean leaving the country altogether.

In a way, if he leaves Japan, Deku may undergo some serious character development. Something intense enough that we haven’t seen from him and neither in the series.

Also, lately we have seen Heroes arriving Japan from overseas. So, Deku may request them to take him and let him become their apprentice.

Will There Be A Time-Skip?

It’s pretty hard to say whether Horikoshi will take this decision. I mean, Yes! a time-skip will make the upcoming chapters even more exciting, but, will Horikoshi let go such juicy content?

Well, There are two types of time-skips: The first one where there is a complete time-skip where we never get to see the behind the scenes during the training-phase. And the second one is s partial time-skip. We regularly get to see few bits and pieces of information regarding the main character’s development.

What I think is, if we get to receive a time-skip, we will eventually learn what happened and how Deku trained himself?

Do you think that we’ll get a time-skip?

How Will Bakugo Respond?

As Furious as Bakugo is, I’m also getting to hear that Deku did not write any note to Bakugo.

Let’s not look into this with “Deku is trying to Run Away from Bakugo.” Since, he knows very well that if Bakugo knows about this, then it will become impossible for him to leave.

My Hero Academia Bakugo Mother
Bakugo’s Hereditary Anger

As for the reaction, even though Bakugo is a tantrum-thrower, he is matured and understands situation quite well. His reaction may be entirely different from what we are thinking.

In spite of just complaining, Bakugo might declare that Deku is trying to surpass him and and he won’t let that happen ever. This is just Bakugo trying to hide his care for his childhood friend. Yes, he’s cares for him or why would he jump to save Deku and get pierced himself.

But, one thing is sure. After this incident, Deku might change his personality entirely. We may lose the “Sweet Boy” and see a Grown Up Man. But, of course this is highly unlikely as this would snatch the Midoriya he is.

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