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Black Clover Chapter 286 Spoilers, Raw Scans

If the latest War arc of Black Clover wasn’t hype enough, Chapter 284 has raised the “hyper-bar” even higher. Who would have thought that Luck will become this strong. After Yami and William were taken, Noelle and others had no choice but to get trained from the Elves. There they learned “Ultimate Magic,” and after that we never got to see how powerful they had become. But, OMG!! how wrong was I? Using only one wave of Ultimate Magic completely wiped out low-class demon. If that wasn’t enough, Luck has become powerful enough to outclass Mid-Class Demon and not only kill them, but also decapitate them. It’s only a wonder how powerful Noelle and Gaja has become. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 286 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.


Jack Ready To Fight

After Jack was beaten hard by Dante, he was pretty much unable to do anything after that. But, it seems he has gathered enough strength to stand up and fight.

Jack is the sort of person whom we love to dislike(not hate). His character is irritating, but when you need help, he is there for you. Recall when Yami and William was taken, he was the first among all the Captains to react to it and may also decided to raid Spade Kingdom alone.

But, why do we dislike him? His personality. That’s it, nothing else. But, he is the only Captain among all whose ultimate power hasn’t been revealed yet. Yes, he unleashed new blade technique to clash Dante, but that was soon cut short after Tree of Qliphoth started functioning.

This suddenly gave Dante 100% of Devil’s strength and there was nothing to after that.

But, this time, the situation is different. Even with Dante’s 100% Devil Magic, Zack has decided to take Dante head-on. Let’s see what Zack has under his sleeves this time?


Spoilers are out on time this week too, and in this chapter, we get to learn past of Nacht’s family.

  • The House of Faust were experts in Demonology for generations. When Nacht(Elder brother of the present Nacht, the Nacht we see now, his name was Morgen) turned 18, he became the head of the House.
  • He was more focused in Demonology while, Morgen & Yami worked with Magic Knights.
  • Nacht tried to take control of Lucifero, and it horribly went wrong. Everybody leaving Nacht just vanished after Lucifero appeared.
  • Morgen dies trying to save Nacht. The reason why Morgen died is because Nacht said “I’ll Surpass My Limits,” even when the situation went out of control.
  • Nacht and Yami were good friends and they did stuff together.
  • After Morgen’s death, Nacht wailed in sadness and wished he was dead and not his brother.
  • After the flashback is over, we are back in the present day when Nacht is stabbed all over his body.
  • Chapter ends with “I will kill evil before it lays his hands on good people… I though I’d never say this again but right here I’ll surpass my limits..!!”

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