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Demon Slayer Manga Makes Another History

As the Movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is winning everyone’s hearts, an another news has come in that will delight fans even more. A latest report from Oricon shows that Demon Slayer has become the first manga in more than a decade to sell more than 5 million copies of 3 Volumes.

The report shows that The First, Eighth and Seventh Volume of the manga have sold a total of 5.029 Million, 5.03 Million and 5.008 Million copies respectively.

Why this is a big news? Oricon started noting down weekly manga sales in the year 2008 and not a single manga in these 12 years have successfully achieved this feat.

the Seventh Volume of the manga contains the Mugen Train Arc, and this explains why after the first volume, only the seventh and eighth volume have achieved such high numbers.

Another remarkable thing to note is that, in all of Oricon’s list of mangas sold, only two mangas have successfully broken the “100 Million Copies Sold” barrier, One is Demon Slayer and other is One Piece.

With all these records in its name, Demon Slayer is easily becoming the most successful manga in this decade.

Source: Oricon

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