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Who Can Beat Saitama In One Punch Man? Is Saitama Really That Strong?

I’m serious when I say this. Saitama is probably one of the most powerful character in Anime Universe let alone One Punch Man. I’ve read quite a lot of anime theories, and a huge number of them claim that Saitama can either easily beat them or fight till the last.

Let’s not go out of the One Punch Man universe and try to speculate the character who can, if not beat, at least pin down Saitama.

Is our Caped Baldy really that strong? Well, let’s see!


Can All S-Class Hero Together Beat Saitama?

Hmm, this came to my mind while researching the topic. What happens if all the S-Class Hero go against Saitama at the same time? He is obviously stronger than Genos. And what about other S-Class?

Flashy-Flash? Nah! The manga has already shown that Flash-Flash is fast, but not THAT fast. He is still below Genos in rankings. How about Bang(Silver Fang)? Bang’s worst enemy is his age. He is alive even after taking such beating only because his rigorous training he went through when he was young.

Saitama Hits Garou One Punch Man
Saitama Hits Garou

What about Tatsumaki? Her power is unique isn’t it? The manga hasn’t reached the point yet, but in the webcomic she tried to control Saitama with her psychic ability, but could do nothing. Interestingly that was the time when she learned how powerful Saitama was.

Even if we take into account that all the S-Class Heroes join together to beat him, I don’t think they can contain him for too long.

Can Blast Beat Saitama?

Yeah, how can I forget Blast? The No.1 Hero. Yes, Blast has the highest potential to contain Saitama’s power. And this I’m telling by observing just a few chapters. Blast not only has insane speed (He is faster than Flashy-Flash), but also physical prowess to counter the Awakened Garou. While all the other Heroes were completely ravaged Blast stood alone to fight.

Well, I can say that there’s 50/50 chance that Blast can beat Saitama. Whether he’ll be able to beat him in physical combat is hard to answer. But, Blast definitely has more skills and techniques than Saitama…

A Funny Fan-Made Theory

Now, here is what I found to be funny. A random fan answered this question when asked whether Saitama can every be defeated.

He said that only Pig God can beat him. How? By challenging him to eat his full until he cannot. And as you know Pig God has no limits to how much can he eat. Saitama would anyway face defeat!

Who Can Beat Saitama In One Punch Man
Saitama Defeated

I don’t know whether you’ll take this theory in a funny way, but if you can just imagine the scenario where none of the S-Class were able to beat Saitama. But, in the end Pig God easily beat him.

The above image is from the time when Genos and Saitama participated in an eating competition. Well, I won’t say Saitama was defeated because in the end he was able to finish off everything and yet survive.


So, in conclusion, there’s no one who can beat Saitama in hand-to-hand combat. At least not yet! Only One(One Punch Man creator) knows who is going to be the one to beat Saitama.

What’s you view on this? I still think Blast is the only Hero who can stand against Saitama’s “Serious Series” attacks. But, I’m still in the dark whether he has other moves too!

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