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Saitama Vs Blast. Who Is Stronger?

Saitama Vs Blast. A hot topic each of us One Punch Man fans love to compare! Who is stronger?

After a REALLY long time Blast has finally made an appearance in One Punch Man. I guess he has appeared in the best time possible!

Well, let’s not sway away from what we are here to discuss and talk about the real thing…



Power Difference

Do I have to mention that Saitama is insanely powerful? He is the sole reason the series exists! Though, unfortunately, his Hero name is Caped Baldy, he is the one who can finish anything with just one punch.

On the other hand, we have Blast, who is, rather secret. And since he revealed only a handful of techniques, it’s pretty hard for me to explain everything about him.

Power difference between the two is obviously there. If I compare their “special movies,” Blast seem to have more. Up until now we have seem him unleashing portal magic, gravity magic. Which are unique in itself.

Is Saitama Stronger Than Blast
Saitama Vs Blast

Saitama is entirely physical. Even his “special movies” are physical. I guess that’s what you get with regular training!

Saitama Vs Blast

Let’s jump into the speculations. These two Heroes have never fought each other, neither will they ever fight. But, let’s move forward with all the speculations and theories made by fans and various One Punch Man communities.

Blast Has More Fighting Experience

This is unarguable the primary reason why Blast knows about everything more than Saitama. Damn he was at his peak when Tatsumaki was a kid. Comparing to a person(Saitama) who is at his peak to someone who is at their dawn phase is unfair.

But, still I think Blast can counter Saitama’s “Serious Series.”

What do you think?

Saitama Is A Brute

If I try to compare the level of energies these two have, then Saitama’s energies are raw. It’s raw power; menacing, dangerous. Leaking out of everywhere…But, when it comes to Blast, his energies are refined.

This is what experience does to everyone. And since Blast has traveled a hell lot more than Saitama, he has more information about not only Earth, but also other dimensions.

Our Caped Baldy has no such experience. The only time he went out of Earth was when Boros kicked him into the Moon.

Blast also has physical prowess. Now, It’s hard to answer whether his physical strength is more(or even same) than Saitama. But, he was easily able to tackle Flashy-Flash at speed and also counter the Awakened Garou.

This Is What I Think(Conclusion)

The easiest difference between the two is that Saitama is a brute and Blast is technical. Yes, Saitama too has moves, etc. but Blast is more flashy…

Saitama doesn’t think much before attacking. He just uses his fists, and that’s all.

On the other hand, Blast has a lot of techniques under his command. From teleportation to opening portal. He can also travel into different dimensions as well. In a panel we also got to see other people with whom Blast does his expedition Maybe we’ll learn about them later.

I can’t just say that both of them are powerful, but if we see, Blast is a tad-better than Saitama.

I can’t even imagine what would happen if both of them become serious while fighting! The only time I have seen Saitama REALLY serious is when Garou crushed Genos’ core.

Let alone Blast and Saitama fighting against each other. The result would be catastrophic.

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