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Attack On Titan Final Episode 14 Disrupted Due To Earthquake

You might be thinking, “It’s Monday, and I haven’t got my weekly dose of AOT? Why??” Yes, we all thought the same thing when Episode 73 didn’t come out as scheduled.

Public television broadcaster NHK announced on Monday that Attack on Titan Final Season Anime’s 14 that was scheduled to air on Monday has been delayed due to a 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Wakayama Prefecture.

The good news is that the Japanese Government have assured no threat of Tsunami as well as no serious injuries or casualties.

Rest assured, Episode 14 and 15 will be aired next Monday on March 22 back-to-back. That’s some relief for AOT watchers as now, they will get double episodes in one day.

Talking about Earthquakes, this is not the first time that an Anime episode has got delayed due to an Earthquake. Previously, various other anime have also faced this obstacle and since there is not way out from an Earthquake, the schedule either gets disturbed or worse, cancelled.

We are at a very sensitive moment in AOT. Eren is seeing losing interest in his childhood friends ,and siding with Zeke.

Let’s see what happens, in the upcoming episodes.

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