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Who Does Jin Woo End-Up With In Solo Leveling? SPOILERS!!

Jin Woo is the “Dream Boy” of almost every female in Solo Leveling. Every woman wants to get close to him. But, as you already know, not everyone is powerful and courageous enough to get close to him…

So, does Jin Woo end-up with anyone or not? In this post, I’ll mention all the ships that fans root for, and the woman who finally ended-up with Jin Woo…


Best Ships With Jin-Woo

These are the top four ships that Solo Leveling fans ship rigorously:

(1) Jin Woo x Cha Hae In

Jin Woo x Cha Hae In gets the highest number of ships. A majority of SL fans ships these too…What makes Cha Hae In the bets waifu in Solo Leveling is because of her characteristics. She is not only strict and dedicated to her work, but also cute and shy at times.

Cha Hae-In Solo Leveling
Cha Hae In

Especially around Jin Woo. When she was introduced in the beginning of the story, Cha Hae didn’t gather much attention, but soon she became everyone’s favorite.

(2) Jin Woo x Lee Joohee

If you ask me, if there’s one woman who really cared/cares about Jin Woo, it’s Lee Joohee. She has seen Jin Woo literally grow up from a mere E-Rank Hunter to the person he is today. She not only cared for Jin Woo, but also had subtle feelings for him.

Lee Joohee Solo Leveling
Lee Joohee

Unfortunately, the author decided to get rid of her and then Cha Hae In was introduced. Even still there are countless fan-made stories where Jin Woo and Lee Joohee are married. Let me know which side you are on? Cha Hae or Lee Joohee?

(3) Jin Woo x Esil Radiru

Esil Radiru didn’t have any physical manifestation, but she gathered insane fan-following within only few chapters. She was cute, intelligent and also air-headed, giving her the best combination for a waifu…

Esil Radiru Solo Leveling
Esil Radiru

Unfortunately, after Jin Woo completed his mission, she was never even mentioned. Let alone reintroduced in the story.

(4) Jin Woo x Choi Yoora

Choi Yoora is the first woman to hit on Jin Woo. She is a hospital nurse and just a normal citizen. No special powers…Maybe that’s why the author didn’t feel to mention her again!

Choi Yoora

On the flip-side, some ardent fans say that Choi was not a good person, and was only hitting Jin Woo because of his chiseled body…That means she didn’t have any feelings for him, only physical attraction…

Which Girl End-Up With Jin Woo?

If you don’t know, Solo Leveling is a webcomic which was adapted into a mahua. And both of them have reached their conclusion. i.e., the series is finished…So, does anything happen between Jin Woo and any of the girls mentioned above?

Yes, Jin Woo ended-up with Cha Hae In. the couple also got married and have a son. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see any of this in the manhua, but the webcomic has some info about this.

Cha Hae-In Solo Leveling Manhua
Cha Hae-In

If you ask me, I’m a little bit disappointed! Not because Jin Woo ended-up with Cha, but because the author completely forgot Lee Joohee. The author didn’t give any preference to her even though she was the only one who stood beside Jin Woo when he was still an E-Rank Hunter.

Well, anyways, it was pretty much evident that Cha was going to end-up with Jin Woo after she was introduced in the story…

Conclusion & FAQ

Solo Leveling author tried pretty hard to keep the ships a secret, but thanks to the dedicated fans who came up with accurate theories!

In fact, WAY back when I didn’t even knew Solo Leveling was a famous manhua, I read a community post on why Cha Hae In will end-up with Jin Woo…

Insane Indeed!!

Who Does Sung Jin Woo End-Up With In Solo Leveling?

Sung Jin Woo end-up with Cha Hae-In. Both of them are married and have a son.

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