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Solo Leveling All Important Character Deaths

Let’s have a quick quiz: Can you guess the total number of characters in Solo Leveling manhua? I’ll give you 10 seconds to think….

Answered the question? Then how about all the important deaths in the series? Can you name them too? I bet the deaths are way more easier…

Well, if you failed in this, then this list of All important deaths in Solo Leveling might help you…


(1) Absolute Being

Although very little is known about the Absolute Being’s past, according to the story he was cruel and careless. In fact he wasn’t even suited for being the so-called “Absolute Being.” In the end all the monarch he created ended-up killing him.

 Absolute Being Solo Leveling
Absolute Being

Among all the monarchs only Ashborn was loyal to him. The Absolute Being’s death pushed Ashborn to unleash his fury upon the other monarchs…

(2) Kim Chul

Kim Chul was the first Human to become JinWoo’s shadow warrior. His way of dying was rather lame! When nobody knew about Jin Woo’s real prowess, Kim Chul’s team and Jin Woo planned to explore a Gate.

Kim Chul Solo Leveling
Kim Chul

Severely underestimating Jin Woo’s actual strength Kim Chul decided to attack and probably kill Jin Woo, but instead got overwhelmed and killed. Jin Woo had to option but to transform him into his first powerful shadow warrior. Kim Chul’s shadow remained into focus but slowly his reputation as a strong warrior faded after Beru and Igris joined.

(3) Yuri Orloff

Overconfidence kills! Nobody else can experience this famous phrase other than Yuri Orloff. He was so confidence of his strength that he risked even his life to counter the incoming threat. What happened in the end?

Yuri Orloff Solo Leveling
Yuri Orloff

He got eaten alive by the enemy (spoiler). Thus ended Yuri’s short time on screen…Honestly, it was one of the most pathetic death for a S-Rank Hunter.

(4) Hwang Dongsuk

I have not a single drop of mercy for this dude. He was killed just because of his attitude and bullying nature. Hwang thought of himself as the strongest among all Hunters and also shifted to US. The reason for abandoning his motherland (Korea)? He thought US was more suitable for a talented Hunter like him.

Hwang Dongsuk Solo Leveling
Hwang Dongsuk

His worst mistake was taking revenge against Jin Woo. Worse, he didn’t directly attack him but attacked Yoo Jinho and almost killed him. What do you was expected after this? Both Hwang and his younger brother Hwang Dongsoo were killed and turned into shadow warriors…

(5) Goto Ryuji

Goto was known as the best Hunter in all of Japan. His skills and fighting were no joke even for the best S-Class Hunter. Unfortunately, he was too proud of his skills and considered others “weak.” He also challenged Jin Woo for a dual but got overwhelmed almost immediately…

Goto Ryuji Solo Leveling
Goto Ryuji

If he was so experienced and skills then how did he die? As I said before, He was skilled, yes, but not skilled enough to topple Jin Woo. When all the S-Class Hunters from Japan including Goto landed in Jeju Island, each and everyone of them were killed…Heck, even Jin Woo had to struggle immensely to beat the main villain.

(6) All The Nine Monarchs

Below you can see images of all the Monarchs. Each and everyone of them are dead. In fact the only one who died peacefully was Ashborn (center image). Ashborn was also the only one who didn’t have any ill feelings for the Humans.

All Monarch List Solo Leveling
All The Nine Monarchs

After Ashborn transferred all his powers to Jin Woo and died, Jin Woo didn’t take much time to kill the Monarchs. Jin Woo was strong even before receiving powers from Ashborn. And after he himself became the Shadow Monarch, Jin Woo became powerful enough to instill fear in the Monarchs…

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