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Fire Force Season 2 Ends with an Easter Egg.

Fire Force Season 2 has ended and with this, we have officially entered to Second Great Cataclysm Arc. But, between this brawl between the White-Clad and Fire Force Soldiers we missed an Easter Egg at the end of the last episode. Let’s look into the final episode and release date of Fire Force Season 3.

Final Episode Discussion

Shinra Masters New Flame

In Episode 23, we saw Benimaru applying brutal techniques to awaken the hidden powers of Shinra and Arthur. And, though Benimaru prescribed it, even he didn’t know whether it would work.

Shinra and Arthur, after learning this, they are mad at Benimaru and attack him with their might. But, Benimaru beats them to pulp. This is where Shinra awakens his hidden power, showing off his blue flames.

Both Arthur and Shinra awaken their Flames, and then both collapse. While in the Adolla, Shinra sees Captain Hague’s death.

Captain Hague’s Death

After Hibana and Kayoko observes Konro, the scene switches to Captain Hague and his battle against a White-Clad. Hague indirectly declares that, the White-Clad was powerful and he had already lost.

After sometime, Pan and an another Fire Force finds out that Hague was pierced all over his body and dead.

The scene ends with all the Fire Force Soldiers consoling Hague’s death and bidding him goodbye.

The Easter Egg

Though the final episode showed some development, what made the episode even more enchanting is the Easter Egg.

Here is the screenshot of Fire Force Easter Egg at the end of the Episode.

Fire Force Easter Egg
Fire Force Easter Egg

The Easter Egg says “PELICAN FANCLUB New Single.” Well, though it’s an Easter Egg, the Song is actually the Ending Song of Fire Force Season 2 named “Desire”.

You can listen to the song here:

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