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Fire Force 244 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

The Second Great Cataclysm has begun and countless people have already lost their lives. Our Hero, Shinra and his brother Sho are nowhere to be found and Arthur is just watching the whole drama unfolding. In previous Chapter we saw a flashback of Ogun, Arthur and Shinra when they were in School. The fight between Ogun and Charon is probably coming to an end. Who will win is yet the question. Let’s look into Chapter 244 Spoilers


  • Shinra and Arthur are still quarreling about “Hero” and “Knight”.
  • After Ogun says that they are good friends, Shinra tries to convince that Arthur is not his good friend because he always acts as Knight and does not respect people.
  • The begin their quarrel again.
  • After Shinra angers Arthur too much, Arthur accidentally calls Shinra a “Demon”.
  • Arthur is surprised with Shinra’s face and walks away.
  • Soon all the other players also walk away when they recall that Shinra the “Demon”.
  • Ogun says Shinra that he always believed Shinra as a good person.
  • Then Shinra says that Arthur is annoying but popular among people.
  • The flashback ends and we see Charon saying Ogun “It’s Useless”.
  • Charon says to Ogun “You can’t beat me” and Ogun replies “I won’t give up”.
  • Charon again starts his attack on Ogun and throws him far away.
  • While Charon is teasing Ogun that he can’t stand up, a bullet pierces a hole on Charon’s stomach and he kneels down.
  • Turns out it’s Lt. Hinawa and Obi.
  • Charon accepts his defeat and the last panel is a great revelation.
  • In the Final Panel we see, Dragon blaming Charon and saying that “It’s a Shame that You’re still a Guardian.”
  • Name of Chapter 245 is “Dragon & Knight Fight Again.”

An Early Rivalry

Since two Chapters we have are seeing the Rivalry of Shinra and Arthur since their School Days. Rivals of such sort that even a child can spark a Rival War anytime they are near each other.

Fire Force Shinra Devil Face
Shinra’s Devil Face : Fandom

But, behind their Rivalry is their deep friendship that they both don’t like to express. When Arthur accidentally called Shinra a “Demon”, we saw a slight guilt on his face. And even though while quarreling Shinra said that Arthur was not his friend, he later acknowledges that Arthur is Annoying but popular.

These words are not a straight indication that Shinra fully accepts Arthur as his friend, but we can also not say that they both hate each other.

Charon Defeated

Charon is also called “The Guardian” of the Pillars. And we must not forget that he successfully absorbed the massive blast of Radioactive Fire from Nataku Son and directed it to the Moon.

We also saw Shinra trying extremely hard to defeat Charon when the White-Clad came to take away Inca, but failed to even put a minor scratch on him. Since the we thought of him as someone close to invincible, but, Chapter 244 proved it wrong. Lt. Hinawa’s bullet took away a portion of his stomach and hence Charon was defeated.

But, we didn’t see Charon falling down unconscious. He was just kneeling down with pain. So, it’s still a mystery whether Charon was fighting his 100 percent or not.

Enter The Dragon

Okay, now we know why Arthur was just sitting and watching the drama while Ogun was beaten to pulp. The Knight was waiting for the Dragon to appear.

Arthur is arguably the strongest character in Fire Force and he easily overwhelms Haumea. But, when he was crushed when he faced Dragon of the White-Clad.

Since, then, his only dream is to defeat the Dragon to become a full-fledged Knight. And we think the time has come.

Even, the name of the next Chapter is “Dragon & Knight Fight Again“.

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