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Hige Wo Soru Episode 7 Release, Discussion

I’m not even trying to pronounce the name of this anime, and shorten it to “Hige wo Soru.” Though we all are asking the same question, “What’s with the peculiar name?” But, after watching 6 episodes, and also reading some chapters of the manga, the storyline of this anime is pretty good.

When episode 1 aired, most of us weeb though that this thing will quickly “ecchi’ed,” only to surprise us with not only a serious plot, but also a character who is not into just any woman.

After watching so many anime, I can safely say that waiting 1 week is worth it, and the unfolding of Sayu’s secret and her horrible past experiences have really struck us with a sense of justice and sympathy. Episode 6 was just one just one experience and it gave a rough idea about how sad she is deep inside.

But, good thing is, after facing so much pain and suffering at such young age, her good time has come. Episode 7 will give Sayu even more purpose to live.

Episode 6 Recap

Repeat with me, “Hate Yaguchi, We all Hate Yaguchi…” Does this dude have no emotions? Threatening a young girl only because she wouldn’t have him have s*x? That’s one of the lowest point a person can get!

Well, enough of the rant. When episode 5 ended with Yaguchi, we all knew what was going to happen in the next episode. And episode 6 began with Sayu meeting him. If this wasn’t worse, as soon as he met her, the first thing he did was to passively threaten her.

Though, this didn’t last long as Sayu’s friend was there to help her. But, if some of you thought “that’s it, this guy has learnt his lesson,” then of course you were dead wrong. After work, he waited for Sayu to be alone so he could continue his bullying more freely without facing any problem.

He blackmailed her about him revealing everything about her past, and in exchange he only wanted to come to the place she was staying.

Hige wo Soru anime
Sayu & Asami Sharing Their Feelings

As a young girl, there was no option left for her and she allowed him, but, she alerted Yoshida, and that was the turning point. If this wasn’t enough, he started forcing her to sleep with him, and as she struggled, she recalled her past and just gave-up.

Finally Yoshida barges into the house and through Yaguchi out. A little conversation happens between these two men, and we learn how chivalrous Yoshida is actually. We all cry, but crying over a girl who is mistreated is something we weren’t expecting from him.

At this point you can say that Yoshida has become a father-like figure for Sayu, or at least brother-like.

Finally the episode ends with Asami and Sayu spending time together, and Sayu revealing her past. Asami also comes from a high-class family. Her father is a politician and mother a lawyer, but, since their relationships are strained, Asami finds Sayu more closer.

All in all, I did not expect this episode to end with such a position note when Yaguchi was introduced in the previous episode. But, fortunately everything ended well.

Release Date

Hige wo Soru release every Monday. Episode 7 will release on May 10th, at 6:30 AM.
There is no preview of the next episode, but, good things are happening with Sayu, and she has taken decision to change her life.

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