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Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 291 was one of the most exciting chapters lately. If there was any character missing in the War, it surely was Magna and Zora. Chapter 291 revealed that during the ill-fated battle between Dante and Yami, both Magna and Zora were there witnessing the entire mayhem.

But, Zora stopped Magna to make any move as he might have gotten himself critically injured if not killed. They are now back from their training and it seems it was worth it. Chapter 292 Spoilers and Raw Scans will reveal more interesting details, and it’s almost sure that most of the chapter will cover Magna vs Dante.

Chapter 291 Recap

All eyes are on Magna vs Dante. After a long list of Asta vs High Ranking Devil, it’s time for the berserker to enter the battlefield. If you recall correctly, the last time we saw Magna was when they all were starting their training in Heart Kingdom.

That was way back before the War began. Magna wanted to train with Luck, but he wasn’t able to keep up, and was indirectly told to leave. After that we never knew where he was, and who was training him. It seems Magna and Zora were training together, and now they have returned.

Compared to other Black Bulls characters, Magna is a bit on the weaker side. He uses brute-force more often than necessary and this makes his destructive power become weaker over time.

But, the “new” Magna who has returned after rigorous training has unleashed a technique that has slashed the most powerful Dark Triad’s power into half. That’s some top-level development if you ask me.

But, even this power has some red-flags. The chain is directly attached to Magna, and if Dante tries to overpower this with his Devil Power, the consequences may prove to be catastrophic. In worst case scenario, this technique may even kill Magna or corrupt his soul.

But, I don’t see that happening. While Magna is handling Dante, Zora and Jack will surely do something to weaken Dante even more. Zora may also unleash some new technique that will push Dante into a new kind of trap. While this happens, Jack may slash Dante into bits.

We may also get the opportunity to learn about Magna’s past and how did Yami find him. I have a feeling that there might be a relation between Yami finding Magna and the deep scar on his forehead.


The Spoilers are out and things are the same as expected:

  • Chapter 292 title: “To Know.”
  • Chapter starts with Magna requesting Zora to be his teacher.
  • After accepting, Zora teaches him “Counter-trap Magic.”
  • Scene changes to the fight between Magna and Dante.
  • Magna lands a tight hit on Dante and in return Dante hits him too.
  • Though Magna has landed a powerful hit on Dante, he quickly heals from it.
  • Chapter ends with Magna counter-attacking Dante with another more powerful blow.

If you see, the chapter felt more shorter than the previous once. Actually, hardly anything happened. Only few hits and the chapter is over. There are also some panels where it feels it’s incomplete and rushed. And, there is also a break next week.

It’s suspected that Tabata is working pretty hard for the upcoming movie and getting very less time for the manga. Since the anime is over, he doesn’t have the same pressure like back then.

We as fans always hope that Tabata takes his time and gets some rest. In this situation, the old proverb, “Health is Wealth” fits very well.

Even when the spoilers are not officially out, Black Clover community is raging for the battle between Magna and Dante. Some are speculating that Magna may possibly die while fighting Dante. We can only hope that this doesn’t happen, as if this happens, Luck will go berserk and probably kill himself too.

Some leaks are slowly coming out. The closest one suggest that the next chapter will mostly cover a bitter battle between Magna and Dante. Zora may also join by laying traps and wait for Dante to fall into it. There is no information about Jack yet, and for that we may have to wait for the official Spoilers to release.

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