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My Hero Academia 296 Spoilers, Raws Scans Leaked.

The War against Villains has ended after most of them are down. Shigaraki is down, the other Villains are down and Mr. Compress is at his death-bed. But, can we say that the Heroes won? By looking at the level of destruction, it’s pretty hard to say this. With this let’s see My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Spoilers and discussion.


  • Chapter name is “Extreme Hell.”
  • Shigaraki disappears with the other seven Nomu.
  • Revolutionary Members are captured.
  • A total of 16929 people are captured.
  • The next panel follows the destruction done by Gigantomachi in which 132 cadres are missing.
  • Toga is stilling trying to escape from the mess.
  • People are seen helping each other to come out of the rubble.
  • Tsu and Ochako are too engaged in saving as many people they can.
  • Next few panels shows Ochako and other Heroes saving people from Rubble.
  • While saving people, Ochako overheard a random Hero talking about taking another job and stop being a Hero.
  • The next panel shows Kirishima, Momo, Mina and Sato are grieving over Midnight’s death.
  • The next panels shows the Heroes who lost their lives while fighting, and it was just because of Shigaraki that this happened.
  • Deku and Endeavor are seen heavily injured and some people are talking about living Japan and going abroad.
  • It looks like AFO has completely taken over Shigaraki’s body and is planning to free himself from prison with the 7 high end Nomu.
  • The Ending Preview says: “The Worst is Yet to Come.”
  • BREAK after Chapter 296.


Extreme Hell

If the name of the Chapter is itself “Extreme Hell,” then we know what we are about to witness. After reading the Chapter I would say that it’s not “Extreme Hell,” but, it’s WORSE.

Most of the Chapter is covered in death and destruction. In the beginning of the Chapter we see that most of the Revolutionary Members are captured and Toga is still trying to escape from being caught.

People are trying to help each other and the Heroes are helping them too. Almost more than half of the Chapter we see Heroes are trying to save the people.

But, the real Hell still awaits!

Is Midnight Dead?

After the scene switches to other batch of Heroes, we see Momo, Sato, Kirishima and Mina grieving for Midnight’s death. Her body was not not shown, but, only her hand and her spectacles.

It’s unbelievable that the character we loved so much is suddenly dead. Though not much was shown, in the next panel, we see a list of pro heroes who died.

This is “Extreme Hell.”

Hell still Awaits?

In the ending panel, we see All For One saying that he can now control Shigaraki’s body, and Shigaraki is seen surrounded by the seven High-end Nomus.

The preview of the next chapter will cause shiver down the spine. the preview says: “The Worst is yet to Come,” indicating that after all these disaster from Shigaraki, All For One and the seven high-end Nomu will cause something even more.

The community is saying that, probably All For One will force Midoriya to unleash his hidden power. But, it’s pretty hard to even think what is up for the Heroes from here on.

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