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Why Was Asta Born Without Magic? Will Asta Get Magic Powers?

Black Clover have entered the last portion of the story, but we fans haven’t got answer to a major question. It’s about Asta’s past and why was he born without magic?

Taking birth in an environment without magic where every people have it will make anyone’s life different. Hence, in this post I’ll try to make speculation and find out Why was Asta born without magic?

Ready? Let’s GOOO…


Licita Might Be The Reason

Unfortunately, Tabata hasn’t yet revealed the exact reason why Asta was born without Mana. But, if I go by all the speculation surrounding this, then the most probable reason is this:

Licita unknowingly absorbed all of Asta’s Mana while he wasn’t born yet.

Licita had an intensive concentration of mana that could easily empty an organism’s magic. And Liebe, who didn’t have any magic, was the only one who could go in front of her.

Licita (Richita) Black Clover
Licita & Liebe

When Licita was pregnant, she might have accidentally sucked Asta’s mana and made him mana-less.

The other theory that is also vaild is that Asta’s Dad was also a mana-less person. Or else how did he come near Licita? And Asta inherited his Dad’s characteristics…

Other than these two theories, I don’t see any other reason why Asta was born with Mana…

I wonder what is your view on this? Do let me know…

Liebe Is The Final Key?

Now, I have talked briefly about the basic reason why Asta has no mana. I have another theory as well. In this way Asta can finally get a hold of a Magical ability without being dependent of anyone…

Asta & Liebe Black
Asta & Liebe

The Final Arc has began and the battle against Lucius has started. Asta has already taken quite a beating. So, at extreme situation, what can happen? This:

Liebe might dissolve himself into Asta and make him a natural user of Anti-Magic.

I know this is a strong speculation and event like this might not happen, but when the question arises about Asta getting access to mana naturally, this is the only way I feel!

For Chainsaw Man readers, it’s the same as what Pochita did to Denji…

Conclusion & FAQ

Why Was Asta Born Without Magic?

Asta was born without Magic because his mother Licita might have absorbed all his mana.

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