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Black Clover: 10 Interesting Facts About Asta

Black Clover has many characters. So many that we cannot recall most of them! But there are also some characters whose existence and the manga’s existence is interlinked! It’s Asta I’m talking about!

So, in this post I’ll present 10 Most Interesting Facts about Asta…I’m sure you wouldn’t have heard quite a lot of them…

Let’s GOOO…

(1) Asta Is Short For A Man

Forgive me when I say this, but Asta is pretty short for a Man (5 ft 1 inch). Even Noelle is 2 inches above him! Surprisingly he is the shortes in Black Bulls! This is fact that we haven’t taken into consideration!

Yami & Asta Black Clover
Asta Is Really Short

If you are a regular Black Clove follower, you might have read/heard when Asta looked a little too buffed? Yeah, that happened because of his relatively short height. Yami is buffed too, but has stands at 6 ft. His short height is more prevalent in anime than manga.

(2) The Most Hard-Working In Black Clover

As someone with no magic, Asta was the most handicapped person in Black Clover. He could have retreated and accepted the changing fact, but he endeavored! I don’t think there is anyone else who worked harder than him. In fact I don’t think anyone even worked hard as him!

Asta & Liebe Black
Asta x Liebe

For a child with no parent and guidance, it’s honestly a miracle that he made through such grueling life! I will be extremely disappointed if Asta didn’t become the Wizard King!

(3) The Only Person Who Can Sense Ki Other Than Yami

Sensing “Ki” is natural form Yami. Thanks to the land where he hails from. But, it’s not the same case with Asta too! Asta had to learn “Ki.” Learning the process made him at 10x better fighter than before.

Black Clover Lucifero_Revealed
Asta vs Lucifero

Other than Yami, Asta is the only one who can use “Ki.” That too with great accuracy and efficiency. In some cases having access to Ki is more useful than just raw magic prowess!

(4) Has Great Resemblance With Yami

Yami acts as the Father of the Black Bulls. He is strict but he cares about everyone. And Asta is also one of them. Asta sees Yami as a father-figure and almost copies him whenever necessary. Funny thing is that even the mangaka (manga creator) has intentionally placed similarities in various habits and personality.

Yami Gives His Sword

For example, both Asta and Yami are dense! They don’t understand a woman’s feelings. Both of them use sword and are expert at it! Their duo proved even more right when Yami handed over his sword to Asta. He clearly sees Asta as his successor!

(5) Attracts Females Unintentionally

My dude Asta is a “Waifu Magnet!” From the beginning of the series till now, he has attracted more than a dozen of female characters. I’m sure if Sister Lily wasn’t a nun, even she would be attracted to him. And, of course, let’s not speak about Noelle!

Noelle Black Clover

You might know about Noelle and Mimosa, but can you recall two other women? Okay, I’ll help you with the first one: Sally. Yeah, the “freak” Sally is also interested in Asta, though she always expresses in a freakish way!

(6) Asta’s Sword Can Nullify Any Form Of Magic

I know this is the most obvious fact about Asta. Us fans know that his sword can nullify any form of magic, but does it have any limit? It guess it might have a limit. Sob ardent fans speculate (with big explanation) that Asta’s ability might fall weak against Yami’s Dark Magic…

Black Clover Asta OP
Asta & His Sword

How true is that? I don’t know, but I would really like to see Asta vs Yami. But theoretically if we speak, then Asta’s sword can nullify even Dark Magic. Why? Because in the end, Dark Magic is also a “Magic.”

(7) Has A Bull-Headed Mentality

Asta deserves the praise he is receiving. There is no person in Black Clover who would have worked as hard as he did. Not just that, he had the constant fear of not having any magic and the taunts he received from everyone.

Asta Receives 5-Leaf Grimoire
Asta Gets 5-Leaf Grimoire

It’s hard to keep working hard for something that has almost no chance of success. Asta did the same, and here he is today. Powerful enough to beat the strongest Devil in existence…

(8) No Magic Works Against Him

Asta is the only person in Black Clover who doesn’t have any magic. But, after receiving the 5-leaf Grimoire, he has indirectly access to Anti-Magic. As the name of the magical ability is, Anti-Magic not only destructive against every type of magic, but also no magic works against it.

Lucius Zogratis vs Asta Black Clover
Asta vs Lucius Zogratis

Heck, even Astaroth’s Time Magic didn’t work on him, let alone other magic..

(9) Asta Means “Divine Strength” In Danish

Liebe mean “Love” in Spanish. If that’s the case then “Asta” might also have a meaning. Turns out, Asta is a popular name for both girls and boys in Denmark. Asta means “Divine Strength.”

Black Clover Asta Devil

Surprising isn’t it? Before this was revealed, Black Clover community had a fierce discussion regarding whether Asta has got the name from the devil “Astaroth?” And finally it’s revealed that isn’t the case…

(10) Liebe Is Asta’s Foster Brother

Thanks to the motherly love of Licita/Richita, Liebe didn’t start to hate Humans too! Liebe wasn’t conscious enough to learn that Asta was Licita’s son that she talked about! And since she always saw Liebe as her son, that simply makes Asta and Liebe brothers.

Astas Devil Black Clover

Even Nacht was surprised to see Liebe, being a Devil, doesn’t attack Asta and listens to him carefully. This mutually-beneficial relationship between Liebe and Asta made their bond stronger than before…

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