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One Piece Episode 952 Release Date, Watch Online.

The Wano Arc is at its full swing and the War against Kaido is fast approaching. Previously we saw that a new character was introduced named Kawamatsu Kappa. As expected from a Red Scabbards, Kawamatsu is extremely strong though he ate poisonous fish for 20 years. With This let’s look into One Piece Episode 952 Release Date.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 952 will Release on Saturday, 28 November(PDT). The next Episode is going to be a heated Battle between Kaido and Big Mom.


Zoro vs Ninjas

Zoro and Komurasaki are escaping from Orochi’s army and spies, but, the Ninjas have found them. A handful of Ninjas are tailing Zoro and hoping to kill him and retrieve Komurasaki. But, it’s Zoro we are talking about. After the Ninjas confront Zoro, he easily kills each and every Ninja.

On top of that, he also kills the head Ninja who is close to Orochi. Meanwhile Komurasaki is hiding in a temple/old house. After Zoro kills all the Ninjas, he reveals that he will take revenge for Yasui. In replying to his answer, Komurasaki accepts that she also wants to kill Orochi for what he has done.

Law’s Sacrifice

Though Law is powerful and intelligent, he is not evil. He is a true leader and bets his own life when it comes to his fellow crews. Though this may feel as his strength, this is also his weakness. To save his fellow crews, he accepts to be captured and tortured. But, in the end his smile shows how determined he is when it comes to his plans and also his belief for his crew.


The ending preview showed Big Mom approaching Kaido ferociously. It seems that after she has regained her memories, she cannot stop herself from battling with someone like Kaido. Both of them are Yonko and both were at one Ship. It’s always has been a question about who is strongest and the next episode will make things clear.

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