Guess you are taking a step ahead to explore the “silent portion” of the website a little bit aren’t you? Or why else would you visit the About section! Haha, now that you’re here, WELCOME!

First of all, Thank You Very Much for visiting Otakuhermit. I’m so grateful you’re here! Unlike most websites having a filmy story behind their birth, I don’t have one. Rather I would say that I never thought of creating a website on this niche! But, saying that won’t solve the question of “Why Otakuhermit was created?” isn’t it? And also what’s about the name?

For your information, Otakuhermit was created on 2nd August, 2020. It was the peak of the pandemic and I had nothing special to do. So, most of the time was spent on either reading books or writing, and yes, sometimes watching anime and manga.

One day while I was reading One Piece, and had a STRONG HUNCH. The letters are in caps because the Hunch was THAT strong! I never knew that there’s a niche on Anime and Manga too! So, I took this as a challenge to create a website on a niche I was never familiar with!

The Challenge? I had no experience making a website before, so I was not ready for anything! I just jumped into the abyss.

To be frank, I had so much fun learning about everything that goes behind making a website. I took inspiration from other websites and tried to implement it. I had success with a bit of failure, but those were a completely different experience!

But why is the website named “Otakuhermit”? Why not something else?
While registering the domain, I wasn’t able to come up with any name. Either the names were already taken or the price was too high for my pocket. So, I thought of the very basic reason how I got this idea to create this website? It was a HUNCH! And I do meditation regularly.

Hence, the name struck with me: “Otaku” and “Hermit”. And, that’s how the website got its name!

After a year of its operation, the website has seen some REALLY GREAT days, and days without any visitor. Since I’m the only one working behind the website, things gets delayed sometimes! and the design might not be an eye-candy.

But, I’m working on it. I’ve some plans to change the website design, and implement some really nice plugins to speed things up!

This entire journey from the day I got the first visitor (It was September 3rd) to the present day, I feel so grateful for each and every friend(you) who visit this website. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!

If you have anything to share, I’m always available through the official email. Email me and I’ll try my best to reply as soon as possible!