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Chainsaw Man: 5+ Hottest Male Characters Of All Time

Chainsaw Man manga has a number of male characters. But, who among all is the most attractive and hot?

In this post, I’ll mention 5+ hottest male characters in Chainsaw Man.

Let’s Dive INNN…

(6) Hirokazu Arai

Very little is know about Hirokzau Arai, but one thing is sure, he has got some intense looks that gives him to “macho” vibe! And you know what? Guys with scars on their face are sexier!

Hirokazu Arai Chainsaw Man
Hirokazu Arai

What’s your view on him? The manga doesn’t have good art so most character don’t look good. On the flip point the anime has done a tremendous job! And he does look quite good in it!

(5) Yutaro Kurose

As I already mentioned in the above section, guys with scar on their face look hotter! That’s the case with Yutaro Kurose too! Unlike Arai, Yutaro is an experienced Devil Hunter who also has some terrifying prowess.

Yutaro Kurose Chainsaw Man
Yutaro Kurose

All these years of hunting Devils have made Kurose a serous man with few words…

(4) Kishibe

Kishibe is probably the luckiest guys in Chainsaw Man. Why? He isn’t dead even after so many years of being a Devil Hunter. He has relatively very less prowess than other Devil Hunters but has tremendous martial art techniques!


Kishibe always has the “carefree” aura around him. His insane amount of confidence in this dog-eat-dog world pushes him higher in the ranks of the badass and hot male character.

(3) Angel Devil

Angel Devil is the only Devil in this list of hottest male characters. Though he is a Devil, he looks quite attractive! He is also humble and has subtle emotions for Human.

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil
Angel Devil

And who doesn’t like a person who is caring? On the flip side, Angel Devil’s powers are pretty terrifying! I won’t spoil you, but it REALLY is!!

(2) Denji

Our boy Denji is not that good looking, but is a chad! He does things his own way and almost never listens to anyone! He is completely honest with what he wants and nothing can stop him to experience it!

Chainsaw Man Denji with Pochita

Very much suitable for a protagonist of a insanely popular manga!

(2) Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa is one characters who isn’t suited for a manga series like Chainsaw Man. This dude is too pure! Yeah, and too sexy too! Aki doesn’t care about anyone and is merciless towards devils.

Aki Hayakawa Chainsaw Man
Aki Hayakawa

Longhair with ponytail. It’s the best mixture for making a dude hot and intense! Aki is the best example!

(1) Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi Yoshida is the “Giga Chad” of Chainsaw Man. He has every personality trait to qualify as a complete Man! He is powerful, humble, ruthless towards enemies, looks good, etc…

Hirofumi Yoshida Chainsaw Man
Hirofumi Yoshida

If you let me spoil you a bit; Yoshida successfully saved himself from Quanxi’s attack. You know what I mean if you have read the manga. If you haven’t then you’re in for a good one!

Conclusion & FAQ

There’s no one (yet) in Chainsaw Man who is sexier and more attractive than Hirofumi Yoshida in Chainsaw Man. He really deserves to be at the top spot!

You can say that he is the complete Man in the story!

Who Is The Hottest Male Character In Chainsaw Man?

Hirofumi Yoshida is the hottest & sexiest Male Character in Chainsaw Man.

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