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What are Pillars in Fire Force? Who is the Strongest? RANKED!

Since the beginning of Fire Force, the name “Pillar” have popped out every now and then but, most of us don’t know what are Pillars and why is it so important? The importance of Pillars is such that the whole series is dependent on it directly and indirectly.

Hence, today I’ll talk about “Pillars” in as much details as possible and make things clear!!

Let’s Gooo:

What is Pillar?

Pillar is a term used in Fire Force to describe individuals who have Adolla Burst. These individuals naturally have Adolla’s Grace and can connect to Adolla through Adolla Link.

There is a reason why these individuals are called “Pillar.” To incite the Great Cataclysm a combination of 8 Pillars are needed. So, you can say that Pillars are the supporting structure of the Great Cataclysm.

Evangelist : Fandom

The First Great Cataclysm that occurred 250 years ago failed due to the lack of Pillars and also their strength. Hence, it is safe to say that the Great Cataclysm is not something that can happen easily until all Pillars are united with the Evangelist.

Who are the Pillars in Fire Force?

The White-Clads are the driving force behind the unification of the Pillars, and after 250 years of the first Great Cataclysm, the White-Clads have successfully united all the 8 Pillars.

These are the known 8 Pillars of Fire Force:

  • First Pillar: Amaterasu
  • Second Pillar: Haumea
  • Third Pillar: Sho Kusakabe
  • Fourth Pillar: Shinra Kusakabe
  • Fifth Pillar: Inca Kasugatani
  • Sixth Pillar: Nataku Son
  • Seventh Pillar: Sumira
  • Eighth Pillar: Iris

Who is the Strongest Pillar?

(8) Iris

Sister Iris: Fandom

Iris is the nun of Special Fire Force Company 8. While in her childhood she was subjected to experiments done by Sister Sumire to awaken Adolla Burst. She was the last announced Pillar in the series, and shortly after the storyline changed drastically!

(7) Sumire

Sister Sumire is the hidden backbone of the Evangelist. After the Great Cataclysm failed 250 years ago, she has been since trying to find and “harvest” Pillars for the next Great Cataclysm.

Sumire: Fandom

Yes, I said harvest because she has been experimenting with children and trying to find out responsible holder of Adolla Burst.

Iris and Hibana lived in Sumire’s Church when they were kid.

(6) Inca Kasugatani

Inca was an average school student before she became one of the White-Clads. Before joining the White-Clads was was popularly known as the Fire Thief due to her ability to see the trail of fire that was about to happen.

Inca : Fandom

Later she activated her Adolla Burst and became a Third Generation. If you ask me, she is one of the worst characters in the manga. She not only disrespects her abilities, but also sacrificed her good friend only to check how powerful she was!.

(5) Nataku Son

Nataku Son was forcefully infected with the fire insect by Rekka. Rekka was a Fire Soldier but he was associated with the White-Clads. While experimenting on who among the many kids could tolerate the fire insect, Nataku Son was the only one to succeed.

Nataku Son : Fandom

Later he was taken into custody by Haijima Industries where they tried various experiments on him to awaken his Adolla Burst. though Nataku Son is a child, he has shown having considerable fire power making him one of the strongest Pillar among the 8.

In fact, if you can recall correctly, he almost wiped out Tokyo when he released his power to full-potential. Thanks to Charon that he absorbed the attack…

(4) Sho Kusakabe:

Sho is the younger brother of Shinra. While in his infant he unconsciously awakened his Adolla Burst and caused his mother to become a Demon Infernal. Later he was taken by the White-Clads where he was brainwashed and made the Commander of White-Clads.

Sho Kusakabe : Fandom

He is one of the strongest characters in Fire Force Series and also one of the strongest Pillar. While fighting Shinra he was able to stop time. Doing this gave him an unprecedented power over his opponent.

(3) Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra is the elder brother of Sho and the protagonist of the series. After his mother was killed in fire, Shinra was given the name Devil’s Footprint.

Shinra Kusakabe : Fandom

Shinra is called Devil’s Foot Print because while walking he leaves a dark black mark of his foot-steps. Though in the beginning of the series he was weaker than most Pillars, he quickly became powerful enough to counter his younger brother Sho. Shinra’s ability is that he go faster than the Speed of Light and can break things in molecular form and again joining it as it was before.

In later Chapters of the Manga, he was able to go to the past and by the end of the manga, he acquired enough power to become God!! That’s absurd level of prowess!

(2) Haumea

Haumea does not have any special fighting capability but, she has a terrifying power that is a headache for most people. Haumea is able to alter thought of anyone and can also read minds of people.

Haumea : Fandom

Haumea’s ability of electric manipulation and this is how she sends signals into people’s brain and alter their thoughts. She was able to control Sho brainwashing him into forgetting his memories. She also incited Nataku Son into go berserk. But, she is very weak against someone using electricity. Hence, her most formidable opponent is Arthur.

But, by the end of the manga you’ll learn that all this time she was suffering, and deep inside she was a good person.

(1) Amaterasu

Though we have never seen Amaterasu fight or battle anyone, she is powerful enough to keep the Amaterasu Power Plant active 24×7. She was also able to manipulate Shinra and Inca when they entered Adolla Link.

Amaterasu : Fandom

It was absolutely unknown who is the person inside the Amaterasu Power Plant. But, in the later Chapter of Fire Force we come to know that Amaterasu is the Doppelganger of Iris.

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