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Black Clover Episode 150 Release Date, Watch Online

Black Clover Anime is lately going through a lot of Fillers and there is an acceptable reason behind it. The reason is the the Anime has come very close to the Manga and the creators of the Anime are trying to create a delay between the Anime and the Manga. But, now that the Devil Believers arc is over, we are again back into the original story. War is brewing against the Spade Kingdom. Heart Kingdom and Clover Kingdom are preparing an all-out War, let’s see what happens in the upcoming episodes. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 150 Release Date and more.

Black Clover Episode 150 Release Date:

Black Clover Episode 150 will release on Tuesday, November 3(PDT).

The intense training of Asta and other knights were disrupted after the Devil Believers kidnapped Asta, Nero and Marie. They have already lost some time. The upcoming episodes are sure to be meaty in content as the Spade Kingdom Knights start to attack both Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom.

Episode 149 RECAP:

Episode 150 was a refreshing Episode after all the “Devil Believers” mess. But, even in an Episode where there is some comical scenario the essence of the upcoming War ensues. You can say that in a field full of Green Grass the upcoming War acted as a Deep Red flower that you cannot miss.

Megicula’s Curse?

After the Devil Believers are exiled from Clover Kingdom, Julius asked the Clover Knights to reveal all information they know about them. Until then they see Lolopechika from Heart Kingdom who want something to discuss. But, suddenly while in the middle of her chat, she started feeling sick and then the connection disconnected.

Black Clover Megicula
Megicula : Fandom

Asta and other think that it was Megicula’s curse that was affecting Lolopechika and they decide to rush to Heart Kingdom.

Leaving only Nero Behind, everyone leave for Heart Kingdom and in the end they find out that it was Bad Food.

As clumsy as she can get, Lolopechika was sick due to her bad eating habit and not due to Megicula’s curse. After seeing she is okay, Yami leaves with Finral’s magic and leaves Asta, Noelle, Finral.

The First Wizard King and Julius:

Now, that Asta and other have left, we see in another scene where Nero is with Julius. Julius requests her to open a lock with her magic. After opening, she finds out that it was the same room where the first Wizard King used to work and conduct research.

She also recalls the book that the First Wizard King wrote and dedicated a page to her. She seem to be happy and joyful after she sees that the First Wizard King remembered her. And that the present Wizard King was also quite similar to him.

Yami is even more Powerful now:

The reason Asta, Noelle and Finral is in Heart Kingdom is because of their training Gaja and others Knights. As Lolopechika talks about their training, Asta asks whether Yami will also train with them, but Lolopechika says that Yami has reached even more higher planes of power and training with Gaja won’t yield any development for him.

This shows that even though Yami is never seen training, he is actually the strongest Knight and as of now we don’t see any limit.

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