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My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Read Online.

My Hero Academia is showcasing it’s one of the most intense arcs yet. A lot of things have happened in a very short time. Bakugo getting gravely injured, Midoria getting to experience the previous holder of One for All, and on the other hand Gigantomachia wrecking havoc all over the city. With this, let’s see what we have in My Hero Academia Chapter 289.

Spoilers: [UPDATED]

As we know, the twitter handle of Weekly Shonen Jump posted that My Hero Academia will be on break next week and Chapter 289 will come out on 1 November.

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Spoilers are out and it goes like this:

  • Nejire and Ida rush towards where Deku and Bakugo are located. Nejire requested Ida not to come since he cannot fly, but yet he came since he saw his 3 classmates were missing.
  • Todoroki catches Deku while carrying Endeavor and Bakugo and due to heavy load could not land smoothly. All 3 are severely injured but alive and Todoroki goes on to treat their injuries.
  • Shigaraki is trying to free himself from All for One. Todoroki tells Ida to take Deku and others with him and leave the spot immediately but Deku doesn’t want to leave. Todoroki sees Shigaraki is weakened and wants to take him down.
  • Ochako is furious. Toga takes Ochako’s All Might Key Chain and says that they were actually the same.
  • Toga asks Ochako whether she loves Deku, but Ochako ignores her and continues to try to catch her. Tsuyu comes and then Toga retreats with a regret in her mind that she cannot talk with Ochako about Love.
  • Ochako is shocked to see Toga crying while leaving. In the end Toga says that she is returning to her Love.
  • In the Final page we see Gigantomachia, Todoroki, Deku, Dabi, Endeavor, Nejire, Ingenium and Shigaraki.
  • The Caption says “THE WAR IS REACHING THE FINALE.”


Bakugo is Alive:

Good news people, Bakugo, our explosive hero is alive. Though it was assured from the beginning that he would be alive since he is an interesting character. But, the best news is her is Alive! but severely injured after the hit.

Shigaraki’s Struggle:

After Shigaraki understood that he was just a pawn for All for One, he is now conscious and the ulterior motives of All for One. But, the control of All for One is so strong that he cannot set himself free from him.

But, we see that when Ida tries to take Deku with him to safety, he tries to refuse and the reason seems that he wants to help Shigaraki.

Maybe Shigaraki has now understood that he was wrong and deceived all the time. And since, he is already extremely weakened, he wants to do something good. But, this is just a speculation and for that we will have to look into the future chapters.

Ochako’s Dilemma:

In Chapter 288 we say Ochako’s violent stance against Toga and it as almost sure that a battle between Toga and Ochako was long due. But, the leaks say a different story. We see that Toga also have a soft spot but more in a negative way. After she takes the Key Chain from Ochako and retreats, she cries of regret.

But, it is Toga we are talking about and from her childhood recap we have seen that Toga looks to the world in a different perspective.

My Hero Academia Toga
Toga: Fandom

Maybe Ochako too want to talk with Toga and want to understand her, but talking with a top-class Villain that too who is directly linked with Shigaraki is a treason in itself.

Maybe after the War is over we will see a good life for Toga.


When these words ring into the ears of a fan of My Hero Academia, their blood pressure rises out of stress and tension. Of course we never want our favorite show to end. And I don’t think this is the Final Arc of My Hero Academia.

What after the War Ends?

This War against the Villains is the most intense War that has ever happened in My Hero Academia Universe. Many will think that “This is It”, the manga is ending. But, I think there will be time-skip of few years, where we will see our favorite characters grow up to be professional Heroes. This is the closest that we can expect after such a long-drawn War and thousands of lost lives .



In the beginning of Chapter 288 we saw someone in the Helicopter ordering the Pilot to fly as fast as possible to a location we don’t know yet. There are rumors circulating around that the person could be Best Jeanist.

Best Jeanist was missing since the time he met Hawks, and after that rumors started taking pace that maybe Hawks killed or gravely injured Best Jeanist to gain more support from the Villains.

But, I personally don’t think that Hawks would kill Best Jeanist since he was not actually supporting the Villains rather was a spy. He was passing information about the Villains to the Hero Agency. And what we know about how powerful Best Jeanist is, he won’t be killed so easily.

So, Who is the person in the Helicopter and where is he trying to get into? Below I have explained it!


As we saw in the first panel of the previous Chapter, the unknown person heading to an unknown location could be Best Jeanist, and he also stated that countless lives are being lost while they are flying slower than expected.

Here is what I think: Gigantomachia is too big and powerful to be stopped by Brute Strength. Since, he was made in a way that countering Strength won’t be a problem for him.

  1. Momo
  2. Ochako
  3. Best Jeanist

Momo tried to stop Gigantomachia by her tranquilizer solution, but, could not stop him. Maybe because she was already worn out and could not put a lot of concentration in making those.

Best Jeanist

It is not clear whether Ochako can apply her anti-gravity powers against Gigantomachia, since he is extremely large and Ochako is still not an experienced Hero. Maybe in the future she can control Things of such size but, as of now we are not sure about that.

Best Jeanist is an expert Hero and is in this game since years. He has an expertise in controlling things and tying it with his thread. This theory makes it even more clear that the person in the Helicopter is Best Jeanist and he is heading towards where Gigantomachia is. Though Best Jeanist will face resistance, there are already many Heroes fighting Gigantomachia and saving lives at the same time.

So, we can expect Gigantomachia’s rampage to come to a stop if Best Jeanist takes things on his hands.


The last Panel of Chapter 288 gave us a clear indication that a long-awaited Ochako vs Toga battle is about to happen. Toga is in a vengeance mood after Twice died, and she has an obsession with Ochako and Midoria. Most of the time whenever Toga talks about Ochako and Midoria, she has an evil smile on her face, but this is the first time we came to see her wearing a serious face. Also, the threat of Ochako stopping Toga accelerated the upcoming battle against the two.

Who do you think will win?


Here it is! all the predictions at one place. Though the Raw Scans and Leaks are not out, this post will be updated regularly until the leaks are official. Stay tuned until then.

Read Online:

My Hero Academia is free to read and you can read it on Viz.


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