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My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Leaked Online

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 363 has finally leaked online. Is Bakugo really dead? I hope he isn’t!

Last Chapter (363) has given us a glimpse of the despair we might go through is Bakugo dies…

Well, I don’t want to take much of your time…Let’s go ahead!!

MHA Chapter 363 Spoilers

  • Chapter 363 title: The Ones Who Defend And The Ones Who Attack.
  • Chapters starts with Monoma thinking of the past during the joint training. He is screaming for Bakugo.
  • Jeanist confirms that Bakugo has no pulse.
  • Mirio looks extremely furious and frustrated because he couldn’t protect everyone.
  • Tomura(AFO) says that he(Bakugo) is dead for good and that’s what Eraser deserves
  • Tomura(AFO) now goes after Miruko and grabs her.
  • Scene changes to Kamino and we see that Dabi is still alive and at pretty good condition.
  • Shouto says that he underestimated Touya.
  • Dabi then shows “Skeptic” and a voice starts coming from a Nomu’s back.
  • Skeptic calls Touya a daddy’s boy and says that he’s too busy to respond.
  • Skeptic reveals that Endeavor is still fighting AFO.
  • Skeptic is seen controlling a satellite and keeping track of everyone’s location. He is also directly responsible for communicating with the villains.
  • We also see a glimpse of the shelters where civilians are kept. Todoroki family is there too!
  • Chapter comes to an ending with Gunga mountains where AFO and Endeavor is fighting.
  • He says that last time the villains were taken by surprise, but not this time!
  • Chapter ends…

BNHA 363 Post-Discussion

OMG! what just happened? Horikoshi is one fire with all this chapters nowadays! Bakugo’s possible death, and now AFO revealing his face?

I sure expected that to happen but not so early! In fact I only expected AFO to reveal his face in last few chapters of the manga…

I wonder how long will Deku take to arrive at the spot. If you haven’t read the above suggestion (Does Katsuki Bakugo Die…) I suggest you to read it! The post has some credible evidence that suggest that this time Bakugo’s situation might be really serious…

Please let me know what’s you thought on all this mess…

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