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Does Katsuki Bakugo Die In My Hero Academia?

Does Katsuki Bakugo die in Boku no Hero Academia? This is the first time we fans are asking this question! Few chapters back we saw this same situation occur when Shigaraki fatally stabbed Bakugo and then almost killed him.

But, this time the situation might be a bit different! I can’t even imagine what would happen if Bakugo died…

His Heart Got Pierced!

The previous time when Tomura pierced Bakugo’s body, it felt like his body was completely shredded. Fortunately, it was later revealed that he didn’t receive any fatal wound in any vital organ.

Unfortunately this time the situation is completely different!

According to various sources, this time Bakugo’s heart got pierced!

Piercing the Heart is an absolute No No! On top of that Bakugo’s parents are also here and from what the leaker reveals, they might do something, especially Bakugo’s mom!

Does Bakugo Die?

This time Hori might have done it! All the indications Bakugo gave before falling down sends shivers to the spine!

Not only his mouth was painted complete red with blood, before collapsing he was looking at All Might card that he always carried!

Now, even in this darkest phase I’m finding some light. Many readers in the community suggest that Bakugo might have intentionally stopped his heart to not only stop bleeding but to also fool AFO.

And since this is the worst situation he has even falling into, there is a very high chance that he might finally awaken his power.

Which many fans are speculating might be as powerful as Endeavor. Or even higher.

What’s do you think about this speculations? Do you thing Bakugo is really gone this time? Comments might help mitigate confusion:


Twitter users are sharing this image Horikoshi drew…This doesn’t send any good signal!!

I hope My Hero Academia creator is not trying to create an “Ace x Luffy” situation here…Because the sketch is almost same as Luffy when he found out Ace’s death!

Conclusion & FAQ

At present My Hero Academia is at its peak and anything can happen! MHA creator Horikoshi has already killed off Midnight and I won’t be surprised if he goes one step ahead and also kills an important character to give us fans a “shock.”

How will Deku respond to this situation is what I’m more interested in! Will Deku awaken a new kind of power? Have we already reached the end battle between Midoriya and AFO?

Is Katsuki Bakugo Dead In My Hero Academia?

Katsuki Bakugo might not be dead.

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