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Jujutsu Kaisen 129 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Read Online.

Jujutsu Kaisen is going through the most intense arc of the series. The War between Sorcerers and Curses is raging and the Sorcerers are lagging behind. The worst that can happen to Humanity has been done. Satoru Gojo has been sealed and Nanami is dead. On the other hand Nobara is severly injured. With this, let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen 129 Spoilers.

Spoilers [UPDATE]

Chapter 128 was release in November 1, and hence, it’s too early to get any Spoilers. Chapter 129 will release on November 8.

But, we are close to the date of the Raw Scan leaks, and that’s a good news.


Okay! the Spoilers are out and it goes the community predicted. The Chapter is almost filled with intense fight between Mahito, Itadori and Todo.

What’s remarkable in the Chapter is that Mahito is trying to finish off Todo by using 0.2 second Domain Expansion. Yes! Mahito is trying to copy Gojo and the community is already in fear how much Mahito can actually learn in such a short time.

But, the thing is, we haven’t seen Todo’s Domain Expansion yet. And by what Mechamaru said, “Todo has 99% chance of winning,” we can easily say that Todo has something stored for emergency situations. But, if Mahito uses 0.2 Second Domain Expansion, we don’t know what will happen then!

But, rest assured, Mahito won’t take the risk to piss-off Sukuna and his personal experience is enough to say this.

What do you think? Will Todo die too after Nanami died?


A Violent Clash

After Itadori was beating to pulp by Mahito, he was about to get killed. But, in the mean time, Todo came and saved him. After that we have seen that Itadori has recovered and has regained his powers.

Both Todo and Itadori are fighting Mahito and they are unleashing 120% of their powers.

Jujutsu Kaisen Todo Aoi
Todo Aoi : Fandom

Todo kicks Mahito with his Black Flash but it seems that Mahito is unfazed, since Black Flash cannot hit the soul directly. All three of them are getting ready of an all-out attack and it seem now we will come to see how powerful Todo really is.

Miwa’s Regret

Mechamaru is dead and Miwa is filled with regret that she is Weak. Somewhere in her heart she believes that she could not do anything and that Mechamaru was dead because of her.

But, Mechamaru explains her that what she thinks is not right and only her point of view.

In the beginning of the series when Gojo was about to feed Itadori with Sukuna’s second finger, he said that Sorcerers usually die with regret, and it seems the same with Mechamaru too.

But, the death of Mechamaru will surely become the fodder of Miwa’s character growth and she will transform into a powerful Sorcerer.

Mahito’s Fear

At the end of the Chapter Mahito was visibly frustrated when he was overwhelmed by Todo and Itadori.

He cursed Nobara that it was because of her that he was having problems fighting and that he cannot unleash his full power.

Also while fighting Nobara, we saw how Mahito ran when realized that Nobara was a “Bad News” and she could literally kill him in few hits.

That shows how powerful Nobara is.

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