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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20 Release Date, Watch Online.

After the end of Haijima industries arc, now we see that things are back to average. But, this is Fire Force we are talking about, things are normal only for a fraction of seconds. And Episode 19 surprised with something totally unexpected. But, the other half of Episode 18 was something that even the most avid watcher of Anime would not expect from a series like Fire Force. With this let’s look into Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20

Release Date

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20 will release on Friday, 13 November (PDT). The name of the next episode is “Weapons of Destruction.”

With the name of the episode, we can understand that the upcoming episodes are going to be “Explosive.”


The Oze Family

In the beginning of the series we see Maki talking to her father about joining the Fire Force as a soldier. The talk ended with her mother scolding everyone.

What we learned is that, since her childhood Maki has been living in Army environment, so her joining as a Special Fire Force Soldier is acceptable.

Maki Leaves Company 8?

This is where this Episode gets interesting. The 8th Company gets a letter from the army that Maki has to return to the Army. Army is where she came from and now she has to return again.

Maki was reluctant not to leave the 8th, but in the end she had to leave.

There could be on crucial reason behind this: Maki’s brother getting gravely injured after he entered the Nether. In the beginning of the episode we saw Maki’s brother and Father were stressed due to her battling in severe situations.

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