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Fire Force 252 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

It seems Yu has been completely taken over by Dr. Giovanni. In the previous Chapter, we saw Charon’s feeling about Haumea, and his possible death from the heavy fire blast from Hinawa. Dr. Giovanni is just steps away from activating the Amaterasu and it seems his dream has been fulfilled in Chapter 252. Let’s find out in Fire Force 252 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


Chapter 252 Spoilers are out, and it seems Dr. Giovanni has done it.

  • Dr. Giovanni is still controlling Yu’s body and finally inserts the key in Amaterasu.
  • After inserting the Key, a large Eye-like structure is seen facing towards the Amaterasu.
  • Obito and Maki are shocked at the scene.
  • The big Eye-like Structure has 8 legs and the legs represents the 8-Pillars.
  • Scene changes to Dragon vs Arthur. By looking at the strange structure Dragon says, “Has it all started? I’ve been waiting for this.”
  • Arthur says to Dragon that, “I’m not in despair and ready to fight, it’s too early to give up.” After this short chat, they continue their battle.
  • Scene switches to Charon and Hinawa. It seems Charon is not dead yet, but has taken heavy damage.
  • Charon unleashes all the fire he has absorbed till now. Maki tries to counter all of it.
  • Hinawa redirects all the fire from Charon towards Dragon. A huge ray of fire is seen hitting Dragon.
  • Hinawa thinks that the intense fire beam must have Killed Dragon, but, Arthur has a hard time believing it, considering how powerful Dragon is.
  • Chapter ends with the last panel showing Earth covered in Fire.

Chapter Discussion

Amaterasu Unleashed

Dr. Giovanni is easily the most hated character in Fire Force Universe. Not only it’s hard to kill him, he can also take control of someone else’s body and mind. And in this case Yu is the victim.

After taking over his body, Dr. Giovanni uses Yu to activate the Amaterasu. And, the worst has happened. As soon as the key entered Amaterasu, a strange looking structure appeared giving an appearance of a Spider. The eight legs the structure have represents the eight pillars, but, it’s still not revealed what does the Large Eye do?

There could be many things, maybe the eye redirects the energy from space inside the Amaterasu, but, this is just a theory.

Is Everything Over?

The last panel of Chapter 252 raises an alarm. The last panel clearly shows that the Earth is engulfed in flames. That’s what the White-Clad always wanted.

What does that mean? Does that mean that we are entering the final stages of the series?

There is less possibility though. We haven’t seen what’s happening inside the Amaterasu, and also the eight pillars. Considering how stubborn Shinra is, he won’t back down so easily and will surely do something to stop the mayhem.

If you are still thinking whether the series is nearing its end, there are many reason why this won’t happen:

(1) The secret behind Shinra’s Mom hasn’t been revealed yet.
(2) Who is the Evengelist? Not Revealed.
(3) PI Code. The PI Code played a major role in activating the Amaterasu.

Hence, these are some of the many reasons why the series is nowhere its end.

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