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Black Clover Episode 148 Release Date, Watch Online.

Black Clover Anime is lately going through a lot of Fillers and there is an acceptable reason behind it. The reason is the the Anime has come very close to the Manga and the creators of the Anime are trying to create a delay between the Anime and the Manga. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 148 Release Date and more.

Black Clover Episode 148 Release Date:

Black Clover Episode 148 will Release on Tuesday, October 20 (PDT). Episode 148 will probably begin with Yami confronting the Devil Believers and try to free Nero from them.

Black Clover Episode 147 Recap:

The name of the episode is “Prepared to Die.” In the previous episode we saw that Noelle found out Devil Believers and that their worst nightmare was about to come true.

They still have Nero and they are trying to hand Nero and Asta’s Grimoire to the Spade Kingdom in return of Devil powers. Though this may seem to be a usual issue within the Clover Kingdom, but if they are successful, this could have serious consequences.

After, Noelle, Asta and Magna spot the Devil Believers, Magna tries to contact Yami but, since the magical disturbances are too high, they cannot connect and hence, Magna personally goes to where Yami is to bring him.

Until then, Asta cannot hold his patience and tries to release Nero from the Devil Believers. But, due to the situation, Asta was not able to negotiate with the Devil Believers.

So, in return of Nero’s release, Asta trades himself to the Devil Believers. But, the Devil Believers also ask Noelle to handcuff just in case.

Most of the episode was spent in Dazu recalling her harsh past and how she meeting Bow changed her life.

The basic reason why she wants to acquire devil powers and be like Asta is because she too was magic-less and due to it she was mocked but everyone, even by her husband.

In the end we see, Maga arriving with Yami and all the Devil Believers are afraid of him.


Though these episodes are Filler, the depth of story-telling is fantastic. Applying major twists like Devil Believers from Devil Banishers keeps the audience engaged with the show.

We are probably approaching the end of the “Devil Belivers” series. Now, that Yami is there, the Devil Believers have no chance. Also, the other Clover Kingdom knights will also follow Yami. Possibly Nozel and other are too on their way and we will see them in the upcoming episodes.

Most series fail to do that and in the end many series end up losing faithful followers.

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Black Clover series in written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata since 2015. Black Clover releases weekly in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The English version of the manga is published by Viz. The story centers around Asta and Yuno who are like Brothers. But, both Asta and Yuno have differences when it comes to their magic powers. Where Yuno is overflowing with magic, Asta is magicless. Both Asta and Yuno have a dream to become the best mages and ultimately become the Wizard King.

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