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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Release Date, Watch Online.

In the previous Episode, we came to learn about how powerful “The Ashen Reaper” is. He was literally playing with Shinra, only wanting to kill him as soon as possible. At the end of Episode 14 we saw the preview of Episode 15, and it was easily enough to say that the intensity of the battles is going to drastically increase. And yes! it happened! With this let’s see what we have in the Fire Force Episode 16.

Release Date:

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 will release on Friday, October 16 (PDT). The name of the next Episode is “Mind Blown.” As of now there is no news on delay of episode and every episodes will release as scheduled.

Fire Force Episode 15 RECAP:

A lot of things happened in Episode 15. In fact, we may see the best part of the series happening in the upcoming episodes. The name of Episode 15 is “A Three Way Melee.” And the name is enough to describe the Episode. What started with a battle between the 8th Brigade and Haijima, became a skirmish in the making after the Evangelists arrive.

Nataku Son awakens Adolla:

Nataku Son, the kid whom Rekka infected with the fire insect awakens Adolla Link, after Shinra arrives in the Haijima Lab.

What it looks like is Son is suffering from what he has awakened, since, he says that it hurts. What makes Nataku Son special is that he is the 6th Generation Pyrokinetic. And since he is a kid, it will be easy to train him and brainwash him as anyone wishes.

In short the Evangelist and Haijima is trying to turn Nataku Son into Sho and Ashen Reaper respectively.

And, since, Shinra is also a pyrokinetic and has faced the harsh environment of Haijima, he does want to let Nataku have the same harsh experience.

Haijima 3rd Gen vs 8th Brigade 2nd Gen:

In Episode 14 we saw how powerful The Ashen Reaper was, and in Episode 15 we came to see who powerful the other pyrokinetic of Haijima is.

Her power is controlling mecha dolls what she calls as Dominion with her pyrokinetic powers. Since, she is a 3rd Gen pyrokinetic, she is more powerful than Maki and Vulcan.

They both engage in battle clashing their mecha dolls. Though in the beginning Haijima agent was winning in the end Maki went all out and defeated the mecha doll she was carrying.

But, it turns out she had more dolls than Maki and Vulcan was expecting.

In the end we see that Haumea arrives and destroys every dolls the 3rd Gen had. In response, she unleashes Punisher Dominion.

The Weak Must Die:

This sentence seem strong, but this is what the Ashen Reaper believes, hence, this is the only reason, he wants to destroy Shinra, and abuses children.

He feels that Sister is weak and tries to attack her, but he is stopped.

In the mean time Charon and Inca arrives and tries to take Nataku Son with them.

Hence, the 3-Way Battle Begins.


Fire Force Season 2 will have more than 20 Episodes and we are still only at Episode 15. The upcoming Episodes are going to be action-packed and many secrets to reveal.

Will the Evangelist take away Nataku Son like they did with Sho? For that stay tuned.

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Enen no Shouboutai or Fire Force is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. Since the release of the manga in 2015, it is serialized on Weekly Shonen Magazine weekly and is published by Kodansha. As of now there are a total of 25 Tonkobon volumes of the series. The manga is licensed by Kodansha USA for release in North America.

The story is set is world where humans suddenly burst into flames and are transformed into fire demons. The Great Fire incident that took place 250 years ago changed to daily lives of average humans. To counter this unparalleled threat, institutions were set-up such as the Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Armed Forces and Holy Church of Sol. As a outcome the Special Fire Force was born who were specially trained to tackle and defeat the so-called infernals.

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