Futsal Boys

Futsal Boys!!!!! Anime Announced

Ask me about a Genre where the depth of excitement is uncontrollable without showing-off too much robotic action? then I would say “Sport Genre.” There are hardly any Sports Anime series devoid of excitement.

Rather, most of them have nail-biting finishes and creates an atmosphere similar to a real-world match. Futsal Boys!!!!! is among them.

The official website of Bandi Namco Arts, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Diomedia’s Futsal Boys!!!!! multimedia project revealed that the Anime will debut this year.

The official handle of Futsal Boys!!!!! has also tweeted that the anime will air sometime in 2021.

Bandai Namco is going all-in as the Franchise will also receive a smartphone game, “Futsal Boys!!!!! High-Five League” in 2021. We also get a visual of the game.

Futsal Boys High-Five

Set in an era where Futsal has skyrocketed in popularity globally, main protagonist Haru Yamato sets his dream goal to become a professional Futsal Player.

The Visual Poster of the upcoming Game represents the leading characters with Haru Yamato the center of attarction.

But, how did this “Fiery Futsal Goal” came into his mind?
While living in the USA, Haru watched Tokinari Tennōji playing in U-18 World Cup, and that was it. When a young guy with fiery spirit has taken a decision, nobody in this World can stop him. Haru decided to return to Japan and get himself registered into his school’s Futsal Team.

Hence, Haru takes his first step towards becoming the next Tokinari Tennōji, or let’s say, the first Haru Yamato.


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