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One Piece Top 15+ Strongest Characters Of All Time

Earning the title of the “Most Selling Manga in History” One Piece sure has come a long way. It’s safe to say that there’s is no adventure manga series that comes close to One Piece. And you know what makes this series so successful and entertaining? The Characters!

So, in this list I’ll list the Top 15+ Strongest Characters in One Piece.

With this, let’s begin:


(1) Im

Countless theories surround this character. Im is said to be THE strongest character in One Piece and the one who controls everything that happens in the world. In the image below he looks like an alien but I doubt that is so.

Im One Piece

Oda has never talked about Im and even the most ardent One Piece fan have failed to speculate about this personality. If you have some theory please do write below…

(2) Kaido

Kaido’s strength comes from his genes. He is a beast and beasts are inherently insanely strong. Kaido seldom uses brain to attack his enemy, he is more of a brute. The funniest thing about him is that he wants to die but fails every time.

Kaido One Piece

Even for a Beat Kaido is astonishingly strong and durable. His daughter (Yamato) is strong as well and has inherited the same abilities as him.

(3) Big Mom

Big Mom and Kaido were two disasters in One Piece. The only thing they knew was destruction and mayhem. Well, I don’t think there’s anything left to describe Big Mom’s powers.

Big Mom One Piece
Big Mom

Even as a child she was monstrously big and powerful. I wonder whether she is even human?

(4) Shanks

Even the Navy Admirals fear Shanks’ presence. He is said to have all the three types of Haki that too in advance form. Shanks must have some immense quality that convinced Roger to hand over his Straw Hat to him.

One Piece Shanks

Shanks has also indirectly signaled his battle for the One Piece. So we can assume that he is going to face Luffy in the final showdown.

(5) Blackbeard

A majority of One Piece followers think that Blackbeard will be the final enemy. There will be a battle between three Pirate Crew: (1) Straw Hat Pirates (2) Red Hair Pirates (3) Blackbeard Pirates.

One Piece Blackbeard

The Blackbeard Pirates as a group is immensely strong. On top of that Blackbeard himself is a monster having two Devil Fruit powers. At present I think Blackbeard is powerful enough to beat Luffy. What will happen in the upcoming chapters is anybody’s question.

(6) Luffy

Luffy has considerably become stronger after the Wano Arc. He has successfully achieved the thing that everyone thought was an impossible feat! But he still lacks something – Experience! He is the youngest Pirate to become a Yonko and also beat the strongest man in existence…

One Piece Luffy 4th Gear

I don’t know how strong was Roger when he was at Luffy’s age? Bet he was almost as strong as him. Now that the manga have entered final arc, we will discover more about Luffy and his capacity to face enemies.

(7) The Navy Admirals

The Navy Admirals the THE most powerful in the entire Navy. They are a class on their own…Especially Kizaru, who is also the fastest character in the series…Unfortunately they are also the most underutilized ones…

The Navy Admirals In One Piece
The Navy Admirals

We saw their power in the Marineford Arc when Luffy tried to rescue Ace. Only three of these Marines were more than enough to stop him. In short they are like the “Wall of Ultimate Defense.”

(8) Mihawk

How strong is Mihawk? His bounty is close to Kaido’s (1 Billion Less). A Billions in Bounty seems a lot, but it isn’t that much when you compare Kaido and Mihawk. While Kaido is a Beast with Devil Fruits abilities, Mihawk on the other hand has only swords skills. Mihawk’s power is raw…

One Piece Mihawk

Anyways, now that we are talking about strength, although Mihawk is not as strong as Kaido, he really is more powerful than more people. In fact his presence is enough to spread fear.

(9) Zoro

Zoro promised Kuina that he would become the strongest swordsman. After that he has been focusing every moment of his life to that one thing: To become the strongest swordsman in existence!

One Piece Zoro

I don’t think there’s another person in the Straw Hats Crew who trains as hard as him. I’m sure by the end of One Piece he will beat Mihawk and become the strongest swordsman in One Piece.

(10) Doflamingo

Doflamingo receives immense hate from One Piece Community for everything he did to innocent people. But if we keep that aspect of him aside, he is one of the greatest “Chad” in the series. He has a style of his own. And let’s just not question his prowess!

One Piece Doflamingo

Doflamingo has Conqueror’s Haki and is also a noble. He has seen the highest form of life and also the lowest form. Oda also likes him because every time something interesting happens, he is shown with a newspaper laughing…I’ve a strong hunch that Doffy will play a huge role in the final battle.

(11) Katakuri

Katakuri is the strongest member of the Big Mom crew. What makes him strong is not just immense strength, but the ability to look into future. He literally dodged bullets because he already knew where to bullet would come from.

Katakuri One Piece

I don’t think Luffy beat him against his will. Rather he let Luffy win because at the end of their battle he looked relieved! I wonder what would happen the next time he meets Luffy? Would he instantly attack him after happened in Wano?

(12) Dragon

Dragon is Luffy’s dad and Garp’s son. Though the manga hasn’t revealed why he became a Revolutionary, I think it’s somehow related to his mom (Garp’s wife). Talking about strength, Garp is powerful AF. Sir can literally manipulate weather.

One Piece Monkey D Dragon

Listing at the end of this list does not mean Dragon is weak. We have only seen him use his powers once, so it’s still debatable how effective his power is in the real world…Can he bring Seaquake like Whitebeard? I doubt!

(13) Garp

Of course I’m not talking about the Garp at his peak. Even at old age Garp has shown insane physical endurance and prowess. In the early episodes of One Piece we saw him throwing explosives at ships as if it were tennis ball.

One Piece Garp

An how can I forget that Garp and Roger together beat the Rocks Pirates. The most formidable and strongest known to have ever existed. I feel even at this old age Garp is strong enough to bring down strong pirates…

Fallen Pirates

These Pirates are no more alive, but their legacy still lives one!

(1) Roger

Roger pretty much began, what I call: One Piece Rush. He was the most daring, strong, yet humble Pirate One Piece Universe has ever seen. Never in his life did he lose any battle, and rather than getting caught he handed himself to the Marines.

One Piece Roger

Not including him in the list of the Strongest Characters is a serious insult to the manga altogether…

(2) Whitebeard

The manga has hinted that Whitebeard was as strong as Roger. He could have easily become the Pirate King, but he chose to have a “family” instead. If there is one person who deserves more respect than Roger, it’s Whitebeard.

One Piece Whitebeard

Till the moment he was alive Whitebeard never thought of himself but his Pirate Family. His legacy will live on even after Luffy become the next Pirate King.

(3) Xebec

I can safely say that after Im Xebec is the most mysterious person in One Piece. Almost nothing is known about him because the World Government didn’t want anyone to know…The astonishing part is that Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom used to work under him.

One Piece Rocks Pirate

Even though Xebec was an absolute evil, he is considered to be the most successful Pirate in history, even better than Roger if I’m not wrong.

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