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Toonami Starts Serving Food Wars Season 3

A large bowl of popcorn with a bottle of coke, and you are all set for an Anime-Marathon. But, what happens when you are planning to watch an Anime centered on Food? Shokugeki no Shouma or Food Wars is a series highly appreciated for its representation on making food in such a way that you will experience “foodgasm.”

Foodgasm, because of the reaction of people tasting the dishes. But, it would be a mistake if Food Wars was only accepted as a “Food making series.” This is literally a battle manga but, and food are the weapons used.

Toonami announced on Wednesday that Food Wars! The Third Plate will start airing from February 28 [EST].

All 24 episodes will be available and the episodes will premiere every Saturdays.

Toonami has also tweeted a photo showing a line up update of the Anime available.

Shokugeki no Shouma aired its First Season in 2015, and became an instant hit among fans. This reception from fans not only pushed up the manga sales, but also cleared the pathway for Season 2. And, after that every year, a new Season followed.

Food Wars Season 1: 2015
Food Wars Season 2: 2016
Food Wars Season 3: 2017
Food Wars Season 3(Cour 2): 2018
Food Wars Season 4: 2019
Food Wars Season 5: 2020.

The above list shows the year all Food Wars Anime seasons were released.

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