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Black Clover 282 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Asta has made his Heroic entrance in Chapter 281. And, what a timing? There is nothing more reliving than being saved by the future Wizard King. On the Spade Kingdom’s side, this is only the first gate that has opened. Only the first Gate has filled the Dark Triads with 100% Devil Powers. But, this is not the only problem that we have now. Since the Gate is opening consecutively, Yami and Williams are at stake and if all the Gates open, the Human Realm is done for. It will be interesting to see how the events turns up. With this, let’s look into Black Clover 282 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.

Chapter Discussion [Pre-Release]

Asta Is Here

Finally, Asta is here. After Nacht tasked him to learn and unite with Liebe, he was engaged trying to make a connection with Liebe that was more conscious than the previous one.

After he was tasked with this, Nacht and a group of Clover Knights left for Spade Kingdom to save their Captains. But, the question “When will Asta Return” stayed into everyone’s mind.

There were many speculations regarding the time Asta’s appearance. Some said that Asta will only make his appearance when everyone is defeated and the Dark Triads are on the brink on killing both Yami and William. Some said that this situation will become quite similar to who Naruto made his appearance after Konoha was destroyed.

As it turns out, Tabata has blown everyone’s speculation to dust. Asta always goes claiming that he will become the next Wizard King, and in Chapter 281 he proved himself to be the one worthy of this title.

As the Demon was about to attack the Clover Kingdom, Asta’s heroic entrance have led the whole Black Clover community into biting their nails for Chapter 282.

There is also a valid reason behind this, the Black Clover Anime is coming to an end pretty soon. And, after the Anime stops airing, there won’t be the weekly serving of Black Clover and all the action.

Chapter 281 was arguably short and when a Chapter is short, this is an indication that the coming chapters will be long with juicy events.


Okay, the spoilers are out, and Asta has already started showing-off his upgraded skills:

  • Name of the Chapter is “Black Guardian”
  • This Chapter too has 17 pages.
  • After Asta’s arrival, everyone seems to put their faith on Asta.
  • Asta slashes the Demon into half with one swing of his Sword before the Demon could do anything.
  • Back to the Spade Kingdom, Yuno is still fighting Zenon.
  • Yuno tells Zenon that there’s still one person in the Clover Kingdom that can stop the demon. (referring to Asta)
  • Chapter is short and most of the Chapter contains of Asta vs Demon and Yuno’s little chat to Zenon.
  • Last panel shows everyone at the Clover Kingdom is impressed with Asta.
  • Chapter ends with Asta telling Gimodelo they’ll head towards the Spade Kingdom.

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