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Is Mikata Stronger than Denji In Chainsaw Man?

Mikata is the latest entry in Chainsaw Man universe. So, the question arises: Is Mikata Stronger than Denji? Is she a Makima replacement?

I think the better question should be: Is the War Devil stronger than the Chainsaw Devil?

Well, that’s what are are going to discuss today.

I’m won’t take much of you time. Let’s GOOO


Mikata Vs Makima

Now, this is an ongoing rage among fans that Mikata is the reborn Makima (Nayuta). And looking closely, they do seem to have some similarities. Especially their eyes. But, here’s what I want to make it clear:

Mikata is NOT Nayuta!

Neither she is Makima because Denji killed her.

Makima Vs Mikata Chainsaw Man
Makima Vs Mikata

Coming back to who is more stronger? Is it Makima or Mikata?

Makima is stronger then Mikata by a mile. There are only a handful of devils who comes close to Makima’s prowess.

What separates Makima from other Devils is her Devil techniques. She can remotely kill anyone even without knowing the target. I doubt Mikata (War Devil) can do that! Even the Chainsaw Devil cannot pull something like that!

Hence, as I already said before, Makima (Control Devil) is WAY stronger than the War Devil…

Do you think the War Devil can pose the same threat to Makima as the Gun Devil did? Well, only the future chapters will talk if that’s a possibility!

Is Mikata Stronger Than Denji?

No, Mikata is not stronger than Denji.

At least not until now…It’s hard to predict how things will turn out to be in future, and how our boy Denji is doing. But if we compare both of them against raw experience and prowess, Mikata is nowhere…

Here too is an exception! In Mikata’s (War Devil) case she is on the offensive side, on the other hand Denji (Chainsaw Devil) is on the defensive side…Heck, Denji probably doesn’t even know that the War Devil is for him!

And I’m expecting a little bit grown-up Denji because it seems few years have passed after the Makima incident happened…

Is Mikata Main Villain In Chainsaw Man Part 2?

For now, not everything is clear. Maybe Mikata will be the final Villain of Chainsaw Man Part 2, or she will just die out after few chapters. It’s Fujimoto we are talking about! He has a twisted sense of humor…

And we have seen the same thing in the first part of Chainsaw Man too. He introduces a Devil in such a way it seems it’ll be the final Villain, only to die after three chapters.

But, in Mikata’s case, I’m having a strong feeling that she is going to be the final Villain.
Not just because she looks powerful, but because there are a LOT of people who fear War, and that’s how a Devil is born and also becomes stronger…

Denji might have to struggle with this one!


Finally, what comes out as the conclusion? Is the War Devil stronger or the Chainsaw Devil?

Well, I don’t think she is stronger. Because the manga has repeatedly reflected the sheer prowess of the Chainsaw Devil. A Devil that can erase an entire existence of something should be considered fearsome!

Is Mikata Makima?

No, Mikata is not Makima.

Is Mikata Stronger Than Denji In Chainsaw Man?

No, Denji is stronger than Mikata in Chainsaw Man.

Is The War Devil Stronger Than Chainsaw Devil?

The Chainsaw Devil is the strongest Devil in existence. Hence, the War Devil can never beat Chainsaw Devil.

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