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Is Mikata the War Devil? Is She a Hybrid?

So, Chainsaw Man Part 2 is finally out and the manga is breaking all records. And why shouldn’t it? It’s the anticipation of all the fans who were waiting for Part 2 to come out! And now the the manga has returned we have a new character, and of course, a new Devil. The War Devil!

So, in this post I’ll try to speculate how did Mikata become the War Devil and whether she is a Hybrid or a Fiend. The way Mikata has got War Devil’s power is something completely new in the manga.

And fans (like me) can’t keep calm but to make countless speculations of the whole scenario…

Is Mikata Hybrid Or Fiend?

Before moving forward, let’s briefly recall what is a Hybrid and Fiend:

Hybrids are born when a Human forms a contract with the respective Devil. Physically there’s no way to distinguish between a Human and a Hybrid, but they can transform into their respective Devils if they want to…

Reze Bomb Devil
Right: Reze(Human) Left: Bomb Devil Hybrid

When a Devil takes control of a Human corpse a Fiend is born. Unlike Hybrids, Fiends have some inhuman attributes. For example, the Shark Fiend has his head like a Shark, but the whole body is of a Human.

Chainsaw Man Beam
Shark Fiend (Beam)

The above explanation give a strong indication that Mikata is the War Devil.

If you can recall, the War Devil appeared when Mikata was still alive. And since she consciously made a contract with it, she was reborn as the War Devil Hybrid

On the other hand, if the War Devil took over her corpse, then Mikata would become War Devil Fiend.

Now, some readers are speculating that the War Devil has completely consumed Mikata’s consciousness. Well, it’s too far-fetched! I would rather say this situation is pretty similar to Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen).

Itadori too has a Devil residing within him, but he has contained it with sheer will-power. If you follow the manga, you’ll know that Sukuna wrecked havoc when Itadori lost all hope.

This brings us to Mikata’s situation. Her claiming that she is the War Devil might be a direct statement from the Devil itself, or maybe the contract has given her a new life that she was severely lacking!

What’s you say about this?

I’d like to hear you thoughts too…

Is Mikata The War Devil?

No, Mikata is not the War Devil itself. She is a War Devil Hybrid.

And she is probably the final Villain to face Denji in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Some fans are speculating that Mikata’s power is pretty similar to Makima’s. They are making a mistake. Makima was neither a Hybrid, nor a Fiend. Not even a Human. She was the Control Devil itself. The physical embodiment of the Control Devil…

And as you might already know by now, Mikata was a Human before becoming the War Devil Hybrid…That settles everything!


So, what do you think? Now that Chainsaw Man Part 2 is finally here, we will surely discover more about Mikata, Denji, Nayuta and probably the Blood Devil(Power).

I would say that even though I have made some speculation, we should wait for Fujimoto to reveal the real truth about the War Devil and how it is controlling Mikata’s body…

Is Mikata a Hybrid or Fiend in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Mikata is the War Devil Hybrid. No, Mikata is not a Fiend.

Is Mikata final Villain in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Yes, Mikata might be the final Villain in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Is Mikata Nayuta?

No, Mikata is not Nayuta. She only looks likes her.

Why Does Mikata Want To Kill Denji?

The War Devil wants to kill the Chainsaw Devil to prove its prowess.

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