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Black Clover Returns With Finale Arc On 31st July

I know you’re waiting for Black Clover manga to return as soon as possible. I’m too! And here’s a good news!

Black Clover is set to return with it’s finale arc on 31st July.

Here’s the screenshot taken from that suggest the next chapter will be live on 31st July.

Black Clover Manga Returns From Haitus
Black Clover(

I tried to reconfirm from Shueisha’s MangaPlus official website and it just says:


A well-known Twitter account posting verified updates about Black Clover has also confirmed that the manga is finally returning:

After checking a bit more, it seems the information provided was accurate. Twitter is already trending with #blackclover tag. Here’s is one of them:

So, finally my boy Asta is returning the last time. I’m really excited to see how everything will unfold. My only hope is that in the end not much people die, especially not Yami!

Other Black Clover fans are also posting screenshots from various other manga platforms, confirming even more about the speculation!

As of writing this, the official Twitter handle of Black Clover hasn’t mentioned anything about it! I’m sure they are probably waiting for the correct time!

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