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One Piece Episode 977 Release & Discussion

We are back in the present day after a long flashback. Now that we are fully informed about why Orochi is hated so much, the upcoming episodes of One Piece is surely going to fill us more hatred towards Orochi.

It’s odd to say, but Kaido acted more like a warrior than Orochi who was disillusioned by his hatred.

Episode 976 has also partially talked about a mole in Oden’s army? The spy’s physical appearance wasn’t shown, but, I’ve a strong feeling it’s a very known character.

Well, let’s see what Episode 977 has for us.

Episode 976 Recap

The dream Oden saw for his country shattered in the worst way possible. Everything that he had was taken from him. His family, castle, everything.

After Oden’s heroic death, Orochi lived his dream without being disturbed by a hindrance named “Red Scabbards” for 20 years.

As per Toki, 20 years from the day she died, the one to defeat Kaido will be born. And, the day has arrived. Toki transferred Kin’emon and others into the future, and Orochi has got information from a very reliable source.

As Orochi starts to describe the spy, it becomes very obvious who the character is. Though, he haven’t revealed himself, it’s someone who has same lineage as Orochi himself. Why?

Because we saw how the spy’s parents were slashed with swords while they were performing on stage. Also the reason behind their death makes it more obvious.

Episode 976 had a cliffhanger that most of us One Piece watchers have trouble to hang on to. But, have faith, the spy will be revealed pretty soon.

Release Date

The latest episodes of One Piece releases every Saturdays. Episode 977 will release on June 5th, at 5:30 PM. We are back in the present day and Kin’emon and other samurai are making their move.

I have a feeling that within 1-2 episodes we will learn who is the traitor leaking information to Orochi.

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