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Fujimoto Needs To Add These Devils In Chainsaw Man Part 2

Chainsaw Man manga has some great devils, no doubt. It’s really surprising how the creator can introduce so many devils in a manga that is less that 100 chapters and yet makes the story so engaging.

Now that CSM Part-2 has come out, we might get to see some new Devils in the story!

Well, the situation has changed that Chainsaw Man Part 2 is out. Fujimoto can not just depend on the previous devils and make the series as entertaining as it Part 1. He must have some great ideas in his mind isn’t it?

Before he goes all guns blazing, here are some Devil we all would like to see in Chainsaw Man Part 2:

New Devils Ideas For Chainsaw Man Part 2

Some of the Devil I present have the capacity to even surpass the Darkness Devil, Control Devil, Chainsaw Devil.

Here are some ideas of unique Devil that we must get in Part 2:

  • Hunger Devil
  • Sleep Devil
  • Shame Devil
  • Clown Devil
  • Height Devil (Fear of Height)
  • Claustrophobia Devil
  • Emptiness/Nothingness/Infinite Devil. (Fear of the Unknown)
  • Manifestation/Wish Devil (This devil has a weakness. If you can control what you think, you can beat it in an instant)
  • Sound Devil
  • Death Devil

Of course not all the Devils above have the capability to surpass Chainsaw, Darkness, Control Devil. But, I’m pretty confident about the Emptiness/Nothingness/Infinite Devil, Manifestation Devil and Death Devil.

None of us reading this post has ever experienced the Infinite/Nothingness, and some people do have fear of the infinite. More like fear of the Nothing.

Manifestation/Wish Devil is for those people who fear that their “negative wish” will come true. And finally it’s the Death Devil that simply represents Death. A Large portion of people do fear Death don’t they?

These are some of the “Devil ideas” that come to my mind for now.

Do you have any idea?

I would be really happy to read you suggestion:

More Devils = More Confusion?

Let’s just apply the break a bit and think deeply for a moment. Can there a reason why Fujimoto is not introducing too many Devils in Chainsaw Man universe at the same time? Hmm, from what I think, introducing too many Devils can make the story overly complicated.

Also, when there are too many Devils, majority of them will either lose their life or will just be completely ignored. For example, Bat Devil & Leech Devil from Chainsaw Man Part-1. Do you recall and remember them as quickly and fluently as you do for other Devils like Chainsaw Devil, Blood Devil, etc? Mostly like, No!

Either Fujimoto will introduce more Devils and eliminate the past Devils, or he will just introduce them very slowly so that we readers can keep up with the fast-paced story.

The total number of characters is always inversely proportion to the length of the story. In simple words. If the series is too short, then introducing too many characters ends up ruining the story!


I don’t know whether Chainsaw Man creator will ever see this post, but I hope he consider these ideas. I’m especially interested in the “Emptiness/Nothingness/Infinite Devil.”

If Fujimoto really introduces the Emptiness Devil in Chainsaw Man then I don’t think even the Chainsaw Devil will surpass it! What can you expect from a Devil that has access to the infinite?

Well, I don’t think Fujimoto will introduce a Devil with such broken power.

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