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One Piece Episode 940 Release Date, Spoilers.

One Piece has come a long way. From finding Zoro to losing Ace. And now One Piece in on its most enticing arc yet, the Wano Arc. Let’s have a recap of episode 939 and information about One Piece episode 940.

Recap of Episode 939:

Tonoyasu in Trouble:

The episode starts with Tonoyasu. He is tied up and hung on a pole for public execution. Then all the straw hat rush to save him and rescue him from getting executed. Until now, no one knows who exactly he is and his identity is still hidden. But, later it is revealed that he used to be the Daimyo who served with Oden and his real name is Shimotsuki.

Oden and Tonoyasu:

In a glimpse of the past, we can see Tonoyasu in all his glory. He is seen spending time with Oden and Oden says that he does not want to become a Shogun. After hearing this Tonoyasu hits Oden that what he thinks is not right. Oden expresses his desire to go explore the world and not just stay all his life at one place. And anyway people are talking that the next Shogun should be Tonoyasu.

But, Tonoyasu is strict and adamant in his decision and orders to not take any stupid decision.

The Villagers’ Emotion:

In the ending of the episode it is shown that all the villagers with the straw hats rush to save Tonoyasu from getting executed. Though he is already wounded with one bullet, he is still smiling and laughing. The villagers too are rushing towards the town with full smile.

But, the Straw Hats cannot figure out why they are laughing even their savior is going to get executed. Also, Tonoyasu’s daughter Toko has a face that clearly depicts a full smile.

In, the end Tonoyasu taunts Orochi on how he destroyed his own motherland, and how he is responsible for turning a beautiful place into a desolation, to which Orochi becomes angry is cannot hold his rage.

One Piece Episode 940 Release Date:

One Piece Episode 940 will release on Sunday, 6 September. Though the manga version is delayed, there is not delay on the Anime version. The name of episode 940 is “Zoro’s Fury! The truth about their Smile!”

Possibilities of One Piece Episode 940:

With the ending of episode 939, it is clear that episode 940 will be huge, we know quite well what happens when Zoro is angry. The title of the next episode is enough to incite the fire within.

In the next episode we could be able to see how Zoro and the other Staw Hats tackle the situation and save Tonoyasu. It is quite certain that if Orochi tries to kill or even kills Tonoyasu, then Zoro will simply ravage everything.

Let’s see what happens.

Where to Watch:

You can watch One Piece from various sources. These are some of the legitimate sources:


One Piece is a story centered around Monkey D. Luffy. 20 years ago the King of Pirates Gold Roger was executed. Before dying, as a last words he declared that One Piece was real and encouraged a new Pirate era. Luffy who has a dream to become the Pirate King since his childhood gets to know Shanks Pirates. Shanks who is the leader of the Shanks Pirate hands over Luffy his most favorite Hat.

Luffy grows up and sets out in his journey to become a Pirate King gathering dependable crews one-by-one.

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