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The God of High School Episode 10 Release Date, Preview.

Lately, Manhwa is getting quite an attention after the successful response from Tower of God. The next in the line is The God of High School. The God of High School is a South Korean web Manhwa penned and illustrated by Yongje Park. The serialization started in 2011 under the Naver Webtoon Platform. The web manhwa got its English translation in 2014 by Line Webtoon. With this, let’s look into what there for us in episode 10.

Release Date:

The God of High School Episode 10 will release on Monday, 7 September. 

There is no news on episode delay and every episode will premiere as scheduled.

Recap of Episode 9:

Jin Mori’s Grandpa:

The episode is centered on Mori’s grandpa who is supposed to be in captivity. The episode begins with Mira and Daewi
searching Mori for the tournament, but they could not find him.

Mori is seen rushing towards his grandpa to save and rescue him. After reaching he finds out that it was a trap and it was not his grandpa, rather an illusionary doll containing explosives, supposedly to kill Mori. Even though he survives the explosion, he is hurt and faces an unknown enemy.

While fighting the doppelganger of his enemy, he finds out that the opponent team Mori was going to face was abducted and possibly killed.

The Awakened Mira:

 The match between team Mori and their opponent takes a crucial turn when Mira finds out that the opponent was using her dojo sword. In frustration, she tries to snatch her sword but, fails to do so.   

After getting beaten to almost complete defeat, she awakens her Charyeok, Lu Bu Fengxian. After her awakening, she is almost invincible and easily defeats her opponent. 

The Tiger Raised a Tiger:

After Mira defeats her opponent, Mori arrives at the tournament. By looking at Mori, Daewi says to Mira that he has never seen Mori this angry before. Mori then fights his opponent as never done before. Within a short time, he attacks his opponent with his Special Technique: Blue Dragon Kick. After just two Blue Dragon Kick, the opponent collapses.

On the other side, it shows Park Mujin and a few distinguished members watching the match on the TV. After seeing the way Mori is fighting Park’s teacher says “It seems the Tiger has raised another Tiger,” recalling how powerful and invincible Mori’s Grandpa is. 

The God of High School Episode 10 Speculation:

The end of episode 9 did not show any preview of episode 10, neither the name of it. But, the way episode 9 represented, it might be possible that Mori, tries to find his Grandpa again. He might ask Park about his Grandpa directly or team Mori could find him together. But, chances are pretty low because Mori refrains to talk about his Grandpa with anyone. Whatever it is, it will be exciting. We will find it out next Monday.

Where to Watch:

You can watch The God of High School on:

About The God of High School:

The story centers around the main protagonist Jin Mori, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul. Mori is intrigued when he learns that whoever wins The God of High School tournament, will have any wish fulfilled.

Other than being a famous manhwa, the series has also received its own mobile game, OVA. The popularity of the series exploded when Studio MAPPA announced an Anime in July 2020.

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