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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 Episode 10 Release & Discussion

We have unfortunately reached the end of Second Season. This is unfair. Having a fantastic series like this having only 10 episodes that too after releasing after quite a some time.

Well, there is nothing me and you can do, so we will just have to wait for the next Season to arrive. Until then, the only option left is to read the Light Novel.

But, even though the Second Season have only 10 episodes, almost everything was done right. The fan service, obstacles, comedy. I think the only thing that we missed a little bit this season is the Action.

Yes, there were some great action sequence, but Diablo didn’t had to fight “very seriously.” He was dwarfed once while clashing against Batutta.

With this, Let’s have some discussion and Episode 10 Release Date.

Episode 9 Recap

Guess who was the main focus of this episodes? Lumachina? Diablo? None of these. It’s Horn. And, if you watched the episode, you know why.

Lumachina and team Diablo have been separated. On the other side, Horn is planning to escape for her safety, but her subconscious is stopping her. She is frustrated and unknowingly calls for help in front of the holy grail cup.

A fairy appears and after a little chat of how she is weak, she offers Horn to increase her stats. Horn took a major step and wears the bounding neck band that may have consequences. The positive side of wearing this is that her stats will increase drastically, but if her master dies, she dies too.

As soon as she wears the neck band, her stats bump up to 80 from 20. But, the power she receives is not a destructive one, rather a seductive one. Her power can charm her opponent.

She efficiently uses her power and reaches the cell where Diablo and the rest are kept. She tries to help them, but in return an enemy severely injures her.

That was when Diablo couldn’t stop himself from making a move. He break the door of the cell and cures Horn at first. Until then Shera and Rem tries to defeat the enemy, but their summon weren’t that powerful.

Finally, after curing Horn, Diablo starts his attack, and crushes her. His next move was to find out where Lumachina is and convince the villagers that Lumachina is the real priest and not the phony once.

He threatens the destruction of the village if Lumachina doesn’t make an appearance. He thought that Lumachina would appear and fight. But, her reply confused him.

The episodes ends with the Phony priest awakening a monster named Europa, which is supposed to be the God of Destruction.

Release Date

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord releases every Thursday. Episode 10 will release on June 10th.
Episode 10 is going to be the final episode of this seaon, and by the preview of it, it’s going to finish with a great battle between Diablo and the God of Destruction Europa.

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