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10 + One Piece Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time

After more than 2 decades in serialization One Piece has come a long way. Who knows how many characters are there in the series. I think even Oda doesn’t know how many are there…

Maybe this is the reason why he forgets to include great characters regularly in the story. So, in this post I’ll list 10+ One Piece Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time. These are some great characters who seldom appear and need more justice!

(1) Shanks

Of course it’s Shanks. It’s always Shanks who need more attention. Dude has appeared less than 5 times in 2 decades of the series. Fortunately Oda has finally decided to include him in the final arc.

One Piece Shanks

I’m heavily suspecting that the final battle will be between Shanks and Luffy, and then we might finally get to know why did Roger accepted a child in his crew.

(2) Smoker

I’ve been talking about Smoker a lot. He was one of the first Marines to confront Luffy. He has a great balance between authority and dedication. On top of that he is also the only one who smokes two cigars in one go!

One Piece Smoker

I feel he deserves a little more screen time. It’s not that he is weak, or irritating, but Oda has continuously neglected him.

(3) Aokiji

In the three Admirals Aokiji is the only one who is loved by One Piece community. He not only has a huge authority vibe but is also immensely powerful. And the best thing: Aokiji is great at deciding what’s wrong and what’s not.

Aokiji (One Piece)

If I’m not wrong, it’s been years since Aokiji appeared in the manga. I guess it was because the Straw Hats were in Wano.

(4) Blackbeard

Hate him as much as you want but Blackbeard is an interesting character. We OP fans still don’t know how to heck did he steal Whitebeard’s ability. In addition to that Blackbeard is the only Pirate to have two different powers…

One Piece Blackbeard

After Marineford Arc, he pretty much disappeared with his crew. But Blackbeard has a weakness. He is a wimp and is easily scared of more powerful opponents. That’s exactly what we saw when he fought Ace and when he tried to extract Whitebeard’s powers.

(5) Dragon

You can literally name the times Dragon have appeared in manga. Yes I can understand that he is a most wanted man but the number of times he has appeared in the manga is too little. At some point I feel that Dragon is more mysterious than Shanks.

One Piece Monkey D Dragon

Questions like: who is his wife (Luffy’s mom), what’s the meaning of his facial mark, What is his actual devil fruit powers are only a few of them…Who knows how many secrets are there about him!

(6) Rayleigh

Rayleigh is from the past generation but he is grossly underused as a character. Why Rayleigh and not others from Roger’s crew? Because Rayleigh is Luffy’s guide and the person who made Luffy the man he is today.

One Piece Rayleigh

Well, as of writing this Oda has finally included Rayleigh in Chapter 1060. But here too I’m afraid that he’ll not appear for a LONG time after this!

(7) Kizaru

Kizaru/Borsalino’s is the fastest character in One Piece. Even he has called himself fast because of his devil fruit powers. Dude is literally light! All the hate towards him aside, Kizaru is great as a character if you see from the Marine’s point of view.

Kizaru (Borsalino) One Piece

Fortunately there are various speculations suggesting that he will return as Oda release new chapters. We OP fans want to learn how powerful has be become after the Marineford incident.

(8) Garp

I might sound a little selfish but Oda has no reason to include Garp. He is from the begone era of the Marines. The only two reasons why Garp is considered a huge personality is because: He was insanely powerful and he is Luffy’s grandpa.

One Piece Garp

Like we got substantial flashback about Oden and Roger, Garp too deserves that treatment. In the end we just cannot forget that he and Roger fought and beat Kaido, Big Mom and Xebec who were the most feared Pirates back in the day.

(9) Vivi

Vivi’s absence in One Piece is so much that One Piece considers her a forgotten character. She has appeared maybe only once after Alabasta Arc. She was so attracted to the Straw Hats that she decided to join the crew. But, that didn’t happen!

Vivi One Piece

And now her status is unknown after her dad’s death. Great! While doing some research I found a forum discussion that suggested that Vivi had some supernatural powers and her sudden disappearance is somewhat linked to it! For me I don’t think such wild theory is possible. Do let me know what you think:

(10) Mihawk

I think Mihawk’s Haki is so powerful that Oda decides to not include him in the chapters! Jokes aside, Mihawk does need some attention. This sir is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, has a bounty above Luffy’s, is the world’s strongest Swordsman…and who knows what else and for some reason he is not talked about frequently!

One Piece Mihawk

Maybe, just maybe Oda is savings Mihawk for the final battle against Zoro where Zoro will settle his score and finally become world’s strongest Swordsman.

(11) Boa Hancock

Boa is heavily shipped with Luffy, but for some reason I don’t think she will end-up with Luffy! Anyways, she has one of the most complex abilities in the series.

Boa Hancock One Piece
Boa Hancock

Fighting against her is like playing a chess match. One bad move and it’s over…Battle kept aside, Boa didn’t get the desired screen time when Luffy visited her island country.

(12) Jewelry Bonney

Bonney is one cunning person. She is probably the only one who has escaped the Marines twice and also infiltrated places that are almost impossible to get into. Guess she also escapes Oda’s eyes and never appear in any chapter. Neither the Marines talk about her!

Jewelry Bonney One Piece
Jewelry Bonney

But many fans argue that she has a past relation with the World Government, and she might have escaped after learning some dark truth! Am I looking at a Doflamingo situation here?

Edit: Well, it seems Oda is finally going all out in the final arc! After who knows how many chapters Jewelry Bonney has finally made an entrance in the story. LOL did One Piece creator read this post?

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