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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date, Watch Online

Danmachi or Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon is a great fantasy series that shows the daily lives and struggles of Humans and Monsters. What makes the series interesting is the concept of God and their Child. Anyone interested in entering a Dungeon needs to be adopted by a God and stay with the familia. In this case, the main protagonist, Bell Cranel lives under Hestia Familia under Goddess Hestia. With this, let’s look into Danmachi Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date.

Release Date

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 8 will release on Friday, November 20. There is no preview of the upcoming episodes, so we cannot know what the next episode has for us. After Episode 7, it is probably clear that the War between Xenos and Humans is approaching an End.


Dix is More Monstrous than Monsters

In Episode 7, we saw how Dix is using Xenos to fulfill his ancestors’ dream. But, how far can cruelty go is a question even for Xenos. Most of the beginning battle of between Dix and Bell consisted of Dix explaining how he is entertained when Xenos are harmed, and cry for help.

This psychopathic nature of Dix takes a step forward when he takes Bell with himself where he has kept Wiene. Just to show Bell that Monsters don’t have emotions and it is better to kill them, he removes the Magic Crystal from Wiene’s head.

After he removes the crystal, Wiene transforms into a terrifying Snake Monster. After she transforms, he ability to judge friends and foes diminishes and she attacks Bell.

But, Bell tries to console Wiene and almost manages to control her. But, since she is overtaken by Monstrous tendency, she again attacks Bell and runs away.

Dix tries to kill Wiene by destroying her Crystal. But, Bell saves it. Everyone, runs behind Wiene to save her and return her to her usual form.

Enemity With Loki Familia?

In the end of the Episode, we see that someone from Loki Familia throws a spear and pins Wiene down. Bell is shocked to see them, and decides to go against Loki Familia and save Wiene.

Now, the question is, Will taking this step make Bell an enemy of Loki Familia?

Though there is a less possibility, but as of now it is safe to say that, Loki Familia will surely be against Bell and anyone trying to save Wiene.

Will Wiene Die?

Dix took many attempt to kill Wiene. But, every time he failed to kill Wiene. But, now that the Loki Familia has eyes on her, will she die?

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