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Solo Leveling All S-Rank Hunter List

Can you guess how many S-Rank Hunters are there in Solo Leveling? Just guess…because in this post I’ll list all the notable and important S-Rank Hunters in Solo Leveling.

Sure, there are many more who have appeared only few times in the story, so in this list I’ll only share the most important ones. The S-Rankers who have made pretty good contribution to the story…


(1) Sung Jin Woo

The protagonist of Solo Leveling. Sung Jin Woo is the strongest and the star S-Rank Hunter. There is hardly anyone in the SL (Solo Leveling) world who have acquired S-Rank status as quick as him. Only we, the fans, know how capable he is and how he acquired his powers.

Solo Leveling Jin Woo
Sung Jin Woo

Well Jin Woo also worked hard to acquire the strength to carry his personality and prowess…

(2) Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan is Jin Woo’s dad. He was also an S-Rank Hunter with immense capability. Although he never showed his real prowess and techniques, but at the end of the series we saw how capable he was.

Sung Il-Hwan Solo Leveling
Sung Il-Hwan

Unfortunately enough, Sung Il-Sung didn’t have any crucial role in the story either and only appeared three or four times.

(3) Thomas Andre

Like an usual S-Rank Hunter Thomas was immensely proud of his powers. He was confident enough to beat Jin Woo in one-on-one battle. But everything got clear after he confronted him…Well, the good think is that he learned his lesson and went on to apologize Jin Woo for his mistakes.

Thomas Andre Solo Leveling
Thomas Andre

Thomas also played a crucial role in the final battle where he almost lost his life to save Humanity.

(4) Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji is considered the best S-Class Hunter in Japan with capability surpassing even the best S-Class Hunters. Not goona lie, Goto looks a Chad in this image.

Goto Ryuji Solo Leveling
Goto Ryuji

Like many other S-Rank Hunters, Goto also challenged Jin Woo for a one-on-one fight. But quickly learned how inferior he was against the man…

(5) Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang is the strongest S-Class Hunter from China. In fact he represented China’s strength when all the strongest Hunters met to discuss Humanity’s future…

Liu Zhigang Solo Leveling
Liu Zhigang

Though he didn’t fight Jin Woo, but challenged him to a future battle. Other than that, very little is known about Liu…

(6) Cha Hae-In

Cha Hai-In is also a S-Rank Hunter and capable enough to counter and beat strong enemies. Why she also beat one of Jin Woo’s strongest Shadow Soldier pretty easily. Of course, she is not as powerful as Jin Woo, but she is not too weak too!

Cha Hae-In Solo Leveling
Cha Hae-In

Cha also has an unique ability to smell mana. She is highly sensitive to mana smell and can easily identify Monsters and Humans through smell…

(7) Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee was chairman of the Korean Hunter Association and had immense strength even at old age. I wonder how strong was he when young! Moving forward, Gunhee was strong enough to counter insanely strong villains with bare hands.

Go Gunhee Solo Leveling
Go Gunhee

What’s more? He was well respected and loved by everyone for his humble nature despite being so powerful…

(8) Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In has fire magic which you can see in the image below. On the side note, Choi is also manly and attractive for which girls are heads over heels for him!

Choi Jong-In Solo Leveling
Choi Jong-In

Fortunately, he doesn’t have a toxic personality even though he is insanely strong…If I can recall correctly, he also tried to recruit Jin Woo into his guild, but (as expected) Jin Woo declined the offer. Choi played a huge role in the final battle…

(9) Lennart Niermann

Lennart is the strongest S-Class Hunter from Germany who made his first appearance during the Hunters meet. He has a calm personality and doesn’t talk unless necessary.

Lennart Niermann Solo Leveling
Lennart Niermann

Though Lennart lacks strength when compared to other Hunters in this list, he was sensitive enough to sense Jin Woo’s shadow soldiers. Lennart played an immensely important role in future battles…

(10) Kanae Tawata

Kanae is an S-Class Hunter from Japan. She is a master at swords and has pretty quick with her legs. You can say that her primary prowess is using swords against opponents. I know you might be thinking whether she is faster and stronger than Cha?

Kanae Tawata Solo Leveling

No, Kanae Tawata is not faster and stronger than Cha. She was easily overwhelmed by her in a one-on-one match…

(11) Yuri Orloff

Yuri is the type of guy who loves to boast when situations work according to him, and complain when things go horribly wrong. Yuri was an overconfident S-Class Hunter from Russia who thought he could handle history’s strongest gate single-handedly.

Yuri Orloff Solo Leveling
Yuri Orloff

No doubt he was strong. Far stronger than most Hunters, but he overestimated his strength…Maybe he was really strong. But his final battle doesn’t help him prove that…

(12) Hwang Dongsoo

Hwang is probably the most hated S-Class hunter in Solo Leveling. Heck, he is also hated by SL characters…On top of being a nasty individual, Hwang considers his decision to leave his motherland as wise one.

Hwang Dongsoo Solo Leveling
Hwang Dongsoo

Also, he misused his strength to extract revenge from Jin Woo. Which ended to be the worst mistake of his life…Surprisingly, his master Thomas Andre was way more humble than him…

(13) Christopher Reed

One of the strongest Hunter in SL, Christopher has insane strength when fighting seriously against a strong enemy. Reed not only had immense physical prowess, but also magical prowess that far surpassed even the skilled S-Class Hunters…

Christopher Reed Solo Leveling
Christopher Reed

He carried the ability to transform himself into a burning hot spiritual being. According to the Manhua, when its full strength was unleashed it took close to 1800 firefighters and 14 S-Class Hunters to extinguish it…

Other Lesser Known S-Class Hunters

Of course the list above contains the famous ones..There are many other S-Class Hunters who also deserve a spot:

  • Minoru Hoshino
  • Mari Ishida
  • Siddharth Bachchan
  • Kenzo Tanaka
  • Baek Yoonho
  • Kei
  • Atsushi Kumamoto
  • Akari Shimizu
  • Jay Mills

Conclusion & FAQ

So, in conclusion these are all the S-Class Hunters in the series. If I missed someone or messed up with the names please let me know. I’ll immediately clarify the mistake….

Until then…

Who Is The Strongest Hunter In Solo Leveling?

Sun Jin Woo is the strongest Hunter in Solo Leveling.

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