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Black Clover Chapter 303 Spoilers, Discussions

Chapter 302 ending was the only thing I personally was waiting for. Yes, Asta’s entry was important too, but, now that Big Bro is here, Noelle can relax a bit. I wonder whether Fuegoleon is heading towards the scene too?

Well, I don’t thing Fuegoleon will arrive here, but rather he might reach where Zenon is. Though we are engaged in the fight against Megicula, we must not forget that somewhere Yuno is also clashing against Zenon. He is too fighting to take revenge for his team and to save his Captain.

Black Clover Nozel

The fact that Tabata is refraining to show Asta in OP form is because it would be too unrealistic. It hasn’t been a lot of time since Asta successfully used Liebe to fight Devils, and he still is a novice.

On the other hand, the Spade Kingdom War is the greatest event in Black Clover yet, and this is the best place for other characters to shine. Everybody got their chance. Noelle got her chance, and now it’s Nozel’s.

Well, I can’t wait to see how powerful Nozel has become after training, and now that I know that Black Clover Chapter 303 will release after almost 2 weeks, It’s too much for me to handle.

Chapter 302 Recap

Chapter’s name fits perfectly with the way things changed for the Knights. We almost lost Gaja, but Rill’s “Twilight Valhalla” did its magic in the last moment and it proved to be the “Convergence of Hope.”

On top of it, Gaja is not the only one with “electric” magic. Now that Luck is here too, these two are enough to counter the Zombie Demons. Noelle on the other hand is still focused on landing a tight hit on Megicula’s heart and finally slashing it into two.

We should not forget that she is far younger than Gaja and is also not as experienced as him. Yet, the fantastic way she handled it all along is not something everyone can do.

Black Clover Liebe

Megicula is not a mere devil, she is one of the strongest devils and also possibly the most intelligent one. Even Lucifero didn’t have such master-plan to enter Human Realm. It’s not that she is unbeatable, but, the main issue is her regeneration capability. Gaja’s ultimate attack immense damage to her, but the sheer regeneration was so quick that it felt almost nothing changed.

And, how can I forget the one guy we were waiting for so long. After Noelle’s attack failed and Megicula was just about to land a devastating blow, a mysterious circle surrounded Noelle. And, then Chapter 302 ended with a very angry Nozel.


Unlike most chapters where the next events are just a mystery, Chapter 302 ending was more obvious about the events that will happen in the upcoming chapter.

Now that Nozel is here, the entire battle situation will take a completely different turn. I wonder if Asta will start involving himself in this battle now? One way of other Megicula is already cautious about Asta and the magic he has.

Black Clover Megicula
Vanica & Megicula

Nacht said before that Asta is the only one who can defeat the Dark Triads since they have almost infinite magic supply and the only way to drain them is to suck it all out!

But, he was proved wrong when Magna defeated Dante and probably Lucifero with him. Chapter 303 prediction is pretty straightforward. Nozel will start his attack on Megicula. Asta may treat Noelle, or maybe all the Knights will launch their most powerful attack on her to finally finish the battle.


After a long break, the spoilers are finally out:

  • Chapter 303 title: “Good News!”
  • Chapter begins with a flashback of Nozel holding Noelle after the fight of Vanica vs Acier.
  • We see the past that along with Acier, Nozel was also cursed as well.
  • Nozel curse was that he couldn’t speak of Megicula and what she has done.
  • Nozel clashes with Megicula!
  • Nozel admits to his mistakes due to having becoming obsessed with being strong on his own to protect his siblings.
  • Nozel doesn’t directly attack Megicula, but creates a opening for Noelle to strike her heart.
  • Noelle lands the finishing blow on Megicula!
  • After landing a hit, we see Acier embraces Nozel and Noelle, tells them that they have become strong.
  • Acier spirit finally passes, Noelle and Nozel shed a tear.
  • Editor’s note: “The end of a long and bitter fued.”

Finally! Now that Megicula is defeated, it’s time for the revelation. Rill’s magic saved a lot of pain from the Knights. Gaja was almost dead but stood after getting healed by Rill’s magic.

I can just hope that he doesn’t die and somehow someone saves him from this.

The official update on Viz shows that the next Chapter will be releasing after 13 days. But, there is no exact date provided at the end of the Chapter. This is little concerning since it’s not only Black Clover, but One Piece, MHA, and many other popular manga releases.

But, there is nothing to fret since the Spoilers come out way before the official chapter is released. If my guess is right, then we might receive Chapter 303 Spoilers at least 1 week before the official Chapter is released.

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