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Redo of Healer Episode 3 Release Date & Time

If Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero had a baby, then it would be Redo of Healer. This sentence might be hilarious, but after watching two episodes, this seems more likely. It’s hard to compare the level of “Karma” element in this anime than any other. How far will anyone go to take a revenge? The community is divided between whether the way the events are shown is Humane or not? You have watched two Episodes till now, ask yourself? One thing to remember about “Being Human” or “Human Rights” when talking about Redo of Healer is that these concepts does not apply to a country run by a Feudal Lord. And, believe it or not, during the times of Feudalism, these things were a norm in a socially unjust Kingdom. Enough talk, let’s look into Redo of Healer Episode 3 Release Date, Time and some discussion.

Release Date

Redo of Healer Episode 3 will release on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 06:30 (PDT). The preview of the next episode was not shown, but, it’s almost sure that the main character will start his journey to take revenge and meet the Demon King.


Worst Kind of Life-Lesson

The Voice Actors of the series, hands down, have done a great job in arousing the hatred and intense dislike towards the characters. The way our protagonist knock off his opponent and marches forward to take his revenge is other-worldly.

After being confined in his prison for six months, he got his consciousness back and hence, kick-started his dream to take revenge.

I suppose it’s not necessary to speak what happened after that, but, for someone compressing their hatred for so-long, the feeling won’t be less than that of winning discovering elixir of life.

What’s Next?

The main protagonist has taken his first revenge and now, he will just roll-on with this weapon he has acquired. If you read the manga, you’ll surely understand how pissed the main character is, and ofcourse, there is a concreted behind this.

I won’t spoil anything from here, and rather wait for the next episode to release. The manga is more detailed than the Anime though.

Watch Online

You can Watch Redo of Healer on HiDive


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