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Black Clover Chapter 299 Spoilers, Leaks

Lately, the entire focus of the Knights have shifted from saving Yami and William to defeating the Dark Triads. And, of course it should have been such.

After what could be easily described as an intense battle for life between Nacht and Dante, we saw how surprisingly Magna defeated Dante. Yes, Jack landed the final blow but, most of the work was done by Magna and some of it by Nacht.

But, Vanica’s situation is a bit different. The devil possessing her, Megicula seems to be more intelligent than let’s say Lucifero. She had already planned manifest her physical form in the Human realm.

And, finally she has done it. What will happen now? This is one of the most cruel cliffhanger I have seen in Black Clover lately. Let’s see what Chapter 299 Spoilers and leaks reveal about the upcoming scenario.

Chapter 298 Recap

It seems Vanica is finally dead after Megicula got manifested in Human Realm. At least the latest chapter gives a certain vibe about it. Or maybe she has lost her soul to Megicula and what only remains is her body. Well, whatever is it, Good-riddance!

But, what has appeared after Vanica is far more dangerous and life-threatening than all the Dark Triads put together. The last one who Megicula always wanted to curse and use as her toy was Lolopechika, and the curse has done its job. Lolopechika’s physical body is under complete control. Maybe deep inside, she is fighting hard, but, for now situation doesn’t seem right.

Rill and Charlotte are too trying hard to unleash attacks, hoping to land at least one hit on the Devil, but to no avail.

Gaja on the other hand is desperate to save his Queen. He makes a move to counter Lolopechika’s attack. Unfortunately he gets stabbed instead and is a fatal one.

Unfortunately Gaja’s got injured at the end of the chapter, and we didn’t get to learn anything about him.

Chapter ended with Noelle’s Wizard Magic getting dissipated in Megicula’s presence. So, this is how powerful one of the strongest Devil is!

Chapter 299 Predictions

I was trying to find out what the community is discussion about this whole scenario, and things are going haywire everywhere. Some are discussing whether this is Gaja’s end? And some of them have their own stories.

If you ask me, then at the present moment I am not getting much of an idea. I am mostly focused on Gaja and what will happen to Noelle and the other Knights?

Will there be a new character entrance? Who knows? Maybe Nozelle and Fuegoleon will arrive at the battlefield and show-off their skills as a Captain, Asta may also arrive with them. If you remember correctly what Nacht said before.

These Devils can only be defeated with Anti-magic“, and our boy is the only one with that special ability. Yuno is fighting his own battle over somewhere else against Zenon, and Dante is long gone. This gives the Knights the upper hand. 3 Vs 1 may yield positive results.

I just hope that the way Megicula materialized herself in the Human Realm, Luficero also doesn’t follow the same steps. If that happens, Asta would experience some really hard times.

But, I’m really eager to see the Captains putting in their effort. Wizard King is a Kid now, so we cannot count him in this battle, but, at least the other Captains can cause some good damage.


  • Chapter 299 title: Demise/Death of the Disciple/Apprentice.
  • After getting stabbed by Lolopechika, Gaja tries last time to make things right.
  • First, he incapacitates Lolopechika.
  • He then heads straight to Vanica where Megicula is present.
  • He throws his life in the final attack and lands a powerful hit on Vanica and Megicula. Megicula is shocked to see Gaja’s power. Vanica is probably dead after the attack.
  • Chapter ends with Gaja’s body slowly crumbling into pieces and a silhouette of Megicula.

The Spoilers of any upcoming chapter comes out 3-4 days before the official release. Hence, only few days are left before the Spoilers start to come out.

Chapter 299 Release Date & Delay

Black Clover Chapter 299 will officially release on July 11th. No, Chapter 299 is not delayed and will release as scheduled. Time to rejoice!

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