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How Strong is Asta’s Devil? Is it the Strongest?

Right from the beginning of Asta’s Devil’s (Liebe) introduction, there has been always rumors and discussion regarding how strong is Asta’s Devil?

Some discussion says that Asta’s Devil is the strongest and his strength is sealed due to unknown reasons (Anime Cliche), on the other hand many think that Asta’s Devil is the weakest and can really do nothing.

Between this skirmish between whether Asta’s Devil is the strongest of the weakest the real question vanishes. The question about How did Asta’s devil end up inside a Grimoire?

This post will try to explain and deduce whether Asta’s Devil is the strongest or the weakest? If he is weak, can be become strongest?

Asta’s Devil (Liebe)+Asta:

If you are a regular reader of Black Clover manga, by now you should know the cruel past of Liebe and how he got his name.

The word Liebe means “Love” in German. This is one of the best way to understand how much Licita loved Liebe and why he is in constant rage against the devils who tormented him.

Though Liebe is weak in comparison to other Devils, he possess a terrifying power that makes him invincible given he has enough physical strength.

In many Anime and Manga series we have always seen that the main protagonist have power different than most characters. Anti-Magic being one of them.

But, Anti-Magic even though is formidable power, using it requires considerable technique and tactic. In this case, if Asta fights alone, he will be handicapped with no magical power and only brute strength. Ont the other hand, even though Liebe has Anti-Magic, he has not experience in physical fighting capability.

Hence, alone Liebe won’t be of much use, worse, maybe a group of knight could defeat him. But, if his power is mixed with Asta’s unparalleled strength, the combination becomes as lethal as possible.

Better say, like a Ying-Yang combination.

Is Liebe the Strongest?

No! Liebe is a weak devil when it comes to physical strength.

Liebe’s Anti-Magic ability is best used as decoy.

When Liebe was with Licita, we saw how he was possessed by Lucifero for a short time and then what happened. Hence, it is for sure that Liebe is not able to control himself when a strong Devil like Lucifero interferes.

But, that’s how a good story is made. If from the beginning of the story Asta’s had an extremely strong devil even more powerful than Lucifero, then Asta’s character growth won’t impact us fans.

In the end, Black Clover as a series is focused mostly on Asta’s growth as a character who is hard-working and who built his position just through hard work.

Will Liebe become the strongest?

Yes! by the end of the series Liebe’s growth and Asta’s will be shown as the most superior form.

Asta is just 16 years old as of now, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for time-skip. And since, Asta wants to become the Wizard King, he has a long way to go.

So, it is for sure that by the end of the series, Asta will become the strongest character of Black Clover.

Who knows maybe we will see an another part of Black Clover where the story continues from the next generation.

For that we will have to wait for Black Clover to finish.

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